Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm on a kick!

 Don't even try to stop me now! Why, you ask?

 I'm on a kick-an organizing kick!

 It seems that something in me is SCREAMING to organize my life. I mean letting out a primal, no holds barred SCREAM. It's as if my psyche is saying that my days of disorganization are done with a captial D!

 And what am I organizing now, you ask?

 Why my e-mails, of course!

 I debated doing this, because part of me thinks this is bordering on OCD analness. After all, what in the friggin hell am I going to do with over 17,000 e-mails??!! Yes, I said that correctly-over seventeen thousand.

 The answer? Deletedeletedelete........

 Part of this was needed, as I also had over 1,000 e-mails that I had not even read. Yes. you read that correctly-one-thousand. If I hadn't read them by now, ain't never gonna happen. Yes, they also went deletedeletedeletedelete. Why in the world did I let this happen?

 I'm not deleting all of them, of course (just a good majority of them.....). I'm saving what I need to in folders divided by subject-and the rest?


 It's time consuming to do this, yet liberating also. I don't need to save every single e-mail sent to me by friends. I also don't need junk mail either. Let me reiterate though that it's time consuming! I have 8,000 + e-mails to go! Yikes!

 I think that something in my psyche wants me to clean house and get rid of the excess baggage that is all around me-including my unnecessary e-mails. I just wonder what area of my life is next?

 All guesses are welcomed. :)

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  1. I have been cleaning out my facebook. not friends, but certain things I 'liked" that post updates that are not really relevant to me.

    I also am being very selective with what I put in my favorites folder on my internet and what blogs I am following.