Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do we REALLY need to know all that??

I love Facebook. It's one of the greatest inventions ever. I am thoroughly convinced of that. However, some people's judgment of posting about their lives makes me wonder one thing.

Really?? Do we really need to know all that??

I got to thinking about this subject the other day because some acquaintances of mine became parents, and Dad literally kept everyone abreast of all the developments on the baby's impending arrival-on Facebook. From the time Mom went in to be induced until the baby arrived, we knew everything! Think I'm lying? The status updates went down something like this:

  • 9 AM-Picture of Mom standing sideways along with a caption: "On our way to the hospital to get induced!"
  • 10 AM-"It took a few attempts to get the IV in, but the Pitocin is going! Back to my book!" (Could men even handle labor if we had the choice to hand pregnancy over to them??)
  • 11 AM-"The epidural started, incident free!" (Are there incidents with epidurals??)
  • 1 PM-"The doctor just broke the water. Progress!"
  • 3PM-A post on Dad's Wall from his SIL. "It's been an hour. Is the kid going to make his appearance soon??" (Dad left a comment and said Mom was at a 5.)
  • 4PM-"At a 10! Very close!"
  • 5 PM-"The baby was born at 4:05 PM, eight pounds, twenty-one inches. There is a God, and today, I saw His handiwork." (Awww. That had me smiling.:) )
 This is the wonder of Facebook. This is the good of Facebook. For times like this, it's a great thing. It's short and sweet. What they did was fine. Just fine. Can you imagine the possibilities though of posting major life events on Facebook besides childbirth? Here are some funky ideas:

  • At the altar: This couple literally changed their Facebook status at the altar! That's kind of cute, but if only the groom planned to do this and didn't tell the bride, I as a bride would have been thinking, "Give me that phone!" Oh yeah, he Tweeted at the altar too!
  • Updating your status while delivering: Above person is the second person I've known to update the world about their childbirth. But, can you imagine that if women were literally texting while giving birth? If a couple can update their Facebook status while at the altar, anything is possible!
  • Updating your status while doing a li'l sumptin' sumptin': People really stop having sex to check their FB statuses?? Apparently so!
  • Updating your status while in a fist fight: If people do it at the altar, while delivering and while having sex, this is possible too!
 Gotta love social media!

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