Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally, some school spirit!

 I covered an event last night at the university I graduated from, and I must say I was shocked!

 Granted, people running in their underwear through a school is pretty shocking, but that's not what I was shocked about.

 I was shocked that some college students are trying to create memories for others at this commuter school. And I really must say, yay for them!

 College was an interesting time for me. I am of course grateful for the opportunity, but felt a lot of anger, resentment and depression during that time. I lived at home for some of the time, and I always felt abnormal because of that. Friends went away to college. My sister went away to college. My cousins went away to college. Not me. Granted that it was my choice (in some ways) to live at home, so I can't blame anyone for this.

 Of course, I made friends and got involved on my school newspaper. There was just never any school spirit at this university though. There was never anything to participate in that didn't involve fraternities and sororities. That's why I was smiling last night as I covered this event and laughed as a guy gave me a high five as he walked away from the fountain that all the drunk college kids were standing in. Finally! Something to bring the students together!

 I thought about whether I would have participated in something like this when I went to this school. Granted, I was thinner then than I am now, but I probably wouldn't have felt comfortable wearing a bra and underpants while running through campus. And honestly, it really was all skinny people who participated last night. I asked a clothed guy standing on the sidelines why he didn't participate, and he patted his stomache and said, "too big." Oh heck! Even Sasquatch participated! :)

 It's nice to live vicariously through others, isn't it? :)

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