Wednesday, May 25, 2011

humble pie?

 Like I had mentioned in a previous post, I told a relation that their child was on Myspace representing themselves as an adult. I thought I was overstepping my bounds by telling them and thought for certain that the parents were dumb asses who weren't watching their kid. I was wrong on both accounts-sort of.

 I'm sure that said dad wanted to kill his child when he got my e-mail. He profusely thanked me though and told me that I totally wasn't overstepping my bounds, that as parents he and his wife needed to know these things. Then, a friend of mine who considers her nieces her daughters was telling me that she didn't know where her niece's college graduation was going to be on her campus (several majors were graduating the same day). The niece wasn't able to give her some information, and I mentioned that she needed to look on the school's Web site.

 Both incidents showed me something.

 First, I need to find a man and get crackin'. :) I totally have the makings of an overprotective parent!

 Really though, this showed me that no parent is perfect. My relation with the teenage Myspacer is a good dad who really tries his best. Does he need to realize that the internet is an integral part of the lives of teenagers today? Heck yes! Do all parents need to realize this? Yes.

 I remembered hearing somewhere that children need to only have access to one computer in the house-in a public, well traveled area. I totally agree with this. Also, parents need to have access to their teenagers passwords to Myspace, Facebook, Twitter,  and whatevertheheckelseisoutthere. Finally, parents should  Google their kids. Yes, I'm psycho. What can't Google tell you though?

 So anyway, in my perfection, I forgot to eat some humble pie when discussing how other folks parent their kids. I need to also remember that no one is perfect. That we all make mistakes. Still though....

 Google your teenagers! They'll thank you when they turn 25!

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