Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little pitchers have big ears (and they read blogs too....)

 I'll admit that I use this blog as a journal of sorts.

 Bad idea.

 Journals are private while this is quite public. I am knocking this thought into my brain right now as I type. Journals are private while this is quite public.Journals are private while this is quite public.Journals are private while this is quite public.Journals are private while this is quite public.

 I honestly didn't think anyone in my life (except for a few close friends) read this thing. I didn't really think that anyone in my life really gave a damn to read this thing.My stats would also support this hypothesis. I mean, after all, hardly anyone leaves comments.  Do I have a lot of voyeurs then?

 The answer: apparently so!

 I say this because this blog was used to confront someone about something the other day, and I really wish they would have just spoken to me first instead of playing the "he said, she said (but I can't tell you who)" game that little kids play. Someone got blamed for something that they didn't say, and on and on........

 I will own the responsibility that I shouldn't have made my thoughts so public. I will also own the fact that just because I have this forum doesn't make it right to wax poetic about my thoughts about any subject under the sun. However.....

 Please don't involve me in your bullshit. If you want to know about something that was said, please leave a comment or e-mail me (if you know my e-mail....). I am happy to speak with you. I am happy to save you time and energy you could be using on something positive.

 I hate those friggin "happy happy joy joy" blogs that people write to update everyone on their happy happy joy joy lives. They make me want to gag, because you know that deep down inside there's a sex-crazed, schizophrenic bitch waiting to come out in prose form. (Now that would be a fun blog to read!)

 They are safe though! No one twists your damn words against you! Happy bullshit isn't fun to use against anyone!

 And so, rest assured dear few readers, this blog will not delve into true emotion. This will be strictly about the weight challenged, ADD tendency, freelance journalist that I am working her ass off to make ends meet. Honest emotion? PFFFFT! What's that? Look to the blog of the mom with the bipolar kids to get that because you ain't getting it here! Rest assured though that if it is honest emotion, it will be safe honest emotion!

 I am not perfect. By no stretch of the imagination am I perfect! I fail. I get back up and I try again. I say things I shouldn't say. I am human.

 Yes, I am irked. I am irked because I would hope that as adults (especially adults that have known me for awhile-that I truly like and respect, by the way), you would stop and ask questions. I would hope that I wouldn't be used to create drama.

 And so?

 I would like to know my readers. From the person in Kenya to the person (or people) that I have known for a decade or more, please stop and leave a comment. Tell me who you are. (My stats obviously lie.) If you know me, say hi.


 Edited: Okay, it has been a few days now and have calmed down and see the somewhat stupidity of this post. Somewhat. I will not get into personal BS ever again, and frankly, shouldn't have in the first place. The fact remains though, if you are going to confront someone after reading something, you ask questions. I do. Am I a rarity? You also rise above BS. I certainly would have.

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