Sunday, May 15, 2011

my shopping prowess (and other thoughts of the day).....

 So my friend Alex's daughter turned one a few weeks ago, and her party was today. Mom told me that summer clothes would be a perfect gift after I asked what size she wore, and being the frugalista that I am-I went to Ross. And how much did I spend, you ask? Well, for her present (which was a cute little dress), I spent less than $10. Go me! Why doesn't everyone shop at Ross for kids clothes?! Gymboree my a$*! Kids grow out of that stuff!

 I guess I take after my mom in that respect, because she once got some clothes for a little girl relative at Target, and the mom of said girl told her how nice the clothes were.

 "They don't look like they're from Target or some cheap place like that," she said.

 I laughed when the mom took pictures of her daughter in said outfits to give to my mom as a thank you....

 Which brings me to another closely related subject. Parenting with intention. Yes, I would like to be a parent and am beginning to think that some people shouldn't have sex and bring lives into the world that way. (Yes, I know there's IVF, gestational carriers, IUI, and on and on. I'm talking about the lazy a#*es who have unprotected sex and bring kids into the world without giving a rats patooty.) Why do I say this?

 A nearby minor relation's parents are simply shocking me. Their heads are in the sand on so many levels.

 Without getting into details or family dynamics, let's just say that I unintentionally know more information than they do about their own kid. And that saddens me.

 Said kid is a sweet kid who gets good grades, but Mom and Dad know nothing beyond that. I mean nothing.

 How is it that I knew that this kid was on Facebook and this kid's parents had no idea? How is it that I knew that this kid was on Myspace posing as an 18-year-old and the parents had no idea? (Trust me, this kid isn't that old. In fact, this kid's not old enough to legitemately join Myspace.) How is it that when I inquired about when this kid was graduating from junior high school that the parents had no idea when it was? (Note: I asked them this month. It was easy to find out! Trust me!)

 What would you call this? Typical of parents today? Lazy parenting? Not giving-a-damn parenting? I would really like to know.

 One thing is for certain. I would never be that lax with my children-if I had some, that is. I would love children of my own. I consider them a gift from God. To not know these things is simply outrageous, in my opinion.

 It's a lot easier to shop for clothes for a one-year-old, isn't it?

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