Friday, August 5, 2011

Hello again!

 Hi all!

 Long time, no post!

 I know that I've only been doing the minimum, which is doing the monthly updates. Honestly, I've been debating how to handle blogging since I'd like to highlight my writing yet also keep family and friends updated on things going on with me.  Oh what to do? Then it hit me.

 Why not do one blog for personal stuff and another for professional stuff? After all, people don't want to hear my whining about personal stuff while I'm talking about my freelance writing. So, I've decided to start two blogs-one for personal stuff while the other is for professional endeavors. To visit my blog for professional purposes, visit If you would like a look into my personal life and not use it against me in my professional life, keep on reading.

 I personally believe that Blogger is great for personal blogs. They are cute and are simple enough to do the trick for keeping family and friends updated. Really though, Wordpress is better suited for business related blogs. They are clean and fresh and modern.

 And so, I will keep both updated regularly. Welcome back and join me (again) for the ride!

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