Sunday, October 30, 2011

The people I meet

I got to thinking about the people I've met since I changed paths job wise. Some I now wish I hadn't met while others are pretty damn cool. Some of them include:

 The paparazzi who camped out in Octomom's neighborhood. They were sleazy, sleazy people, but interesting to talk to. Who knew that one picture could be worth so much?

 And others simply include the simple and mundane, such as that cool photographer with the unique, creative perspective that makes you think. There's also the owners of the lingerie store in my city (who sell a lot of sex toys at that store also) who got served with a civil lawsuit while I was talking to them. Yeah, that's a new one.....

 All in all, it's just cool to be doing something exciting instead of what I did before-survived. It's cool to meet interesting people and hear their stories. 

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