Sunday, October 2, 2011

September update

So September is gone and now my birthday month is underway. Yay, yet wowee also.

 September was hard in many respects. It was a stressful month that had me making bad choices as a result of said stress. I was worried on all fronts. I was worried about my dad's heart issues until his cousin said to me that I needed to stop and simply accept his decision to not have bypass surgery. She is right, and I have. My sister's issues also cropped up also though, and that got me angry, which shocked me.

 Work also stressed me out in many ways. You can really say that I'm learning all over again. I may have been a Comm major in college, but since I was in escrow for so long, I'm really relearning this again. I think that a lot of my bad choices came from family stress. I really do. I made a dumb choice at one event that made me look bad at one freelance job, even though I didn't write the article for them. It really was unintentional, but it still got me gossipped about at work. I also nearly got creamed due to some other stupidity. Fun stuff! I hope October is less drama filled for work. :(

  I also went to Darin and Donna's wedding. What a great couple! They give me hope! Darin and Donna met through and knew that God meant for them to be together. Their wedding was at our church and the reception at this nice place in Santa Ana. The parking was horrific, but I liked the place. And the centerpieces at the reception were wedding cake pinatas! They were cool!

 Onto October! What should I do to celebrate my birthday month?

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