Sunday, October 2, 2011

When brutal honesty does nothing....

 I was so sad today. I was also angry.

 My mom and I took a trip to San Diego this weekend, but not for fun. It was to confront my sister and let her know that she needs to seek help. She will be fired from her job soon if she doesn't seek treatment in some form. (We honestly don't know what the issue is but know she needs help.) Her boss and every one of her co-workers have noticed an issue for over a year. It shocks me that action hasn't been taken before now.  She's a government employee, if that explains anything.

 I honestly hadn't spoken to her in almost 6 months before today. My sister was shocked upon seeing us and wondered why we came. My mom said her peace and we left. It just amazed me that I got a call from my sister after we got home asking why I needed to drive our mother down to see her. Why couldn't she say her peace over the phone? What really got me was that she accused me of allowing our parents to monopolize my time! Hello! I am the only one they have, as my mother so sadly told me a few nights ago. I got very angry as my sister told me that over the phone and decided to end the conversation, as she tried to bait me into an argument. I tried to honestly share things with her, to no avail. The denial was just horrendous. Even her boss has noticed the incredible denial and is shocked also.

 All we can do is pray now. Boundaries have been set, so only prayer can save things now.

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