Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random thoughts of the day.......

 It's a nice day here in sunny Southern California and I'm just reflecting before I get started today.

 Random thoughts:

  • Been thinking a lot about finances lately. My new church went through a series done by Dave Ramsey that I guess was very good. Others I know have read his books and have been impressed with how easy it was afterwords for them to be more financially savvy. It's now my turn. While I'm good about some things financially, I know I have other things to learn.
  • Weight loss absolutely blows. My church is now doing a series on fitness, based on this. It's very normal and doable and yes, I've lost 8 on it so far. I guess I'm just tired of having to be so aware of the food I eat and it's nutritional value. <sarcasm>Yuck to that!</sarcasm> I know how important this is though, especially with my recent health issues.
  • And yes, the health issues absolutely blow too. I really hope that the breast ultrasound I'll have in a few weeks will show a good view of whatever it is that's in my ducts, and that the doctor won't need to biopsy it. If she does though, I am grateful that this is simply in my ducts, which in cancer terms (God forbid) is Stage 0. On the other hand, I'll be pushing for the brain MRI. A pituitary adenoma makes a ton of sense. As a friend said to me recently, "You of course don't wish for a tumor there, but you almost do, because it would be an answer to some long sought out questions."  I don't want it, but in a way I do so that I know and won't hear from another doctor, "Gee Kim, the blood work came back and I'm baffled...." The treatment is icky for this, but I'd be willing to do it just to have answers and be DONE!
 Have a good day, all!

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