Wednesday, August 8, 2012


 My little section of the world has been struck with 2 earthquakes in a number of hours. Yikes! As a native Californian, I should be used to these and just go back to bed, but these woke me up, damn it!

 Nothing of great importance can be reported from this last week. I can once again sleep on my right side-yaaaay! The breast surgeon had mentioned that I should talk to the oncologist she works with about taking Tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer, but I'm honestly not sure I want to take it. Of course the oncologist's office was prompt in setting up that appointment in a few weeks. I'll go and talk to the doctor, but he'll have to do some incredible convincing for me to take it right now. One of my aunts told me that she knew 3 women who took it, and all had horrendous complications from it. No thanks!

 And so, that's my week. Hopefully I'll have more to mention next week. 

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