Friday, September 14, 2012

And that's why we have primary doctors

 I made an appointment to see my primary doctor to get my questions answered and move forward. I figure that he can yell at the endocrinologist instead if there was a serious mess up. I can yell at the endocrinologist later.

 On the upside though, I'm having more good days since starting Bromocriptine. I read that it's used to treat Type 2 diabetes, so maybe that's why I'm feeling more alert?

 Today was one of those good days even though it was over 100 in this neck of the woods. I hated moving from the car to the restaurant when I had lunch with my friend Chris at Salt & Pepper. Chris has also been diagnosed diabetic, so I think that lunch was possibly the healthiest we've ever eaten together. She has lost 35 pounds and is really doing well managing her diabetes.

 Tomorrow is going to be busy. Laundry duty awaits so that my clothes don't stink in public. :) It's supposed to be hot again tomorrow, so I'm not looking forward to going outside at all. There may be a drive to Monrovia though-if I'm ambitious....

 And finally...Happy Birthday, Robyn! :) 

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