Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NOT happy

 So I previously mentioned that the doctor told me I was insulin resistant and to lose weight. That's cool, but I wanted to fall asleep yesterday after eating my lunch, which is when I realized that I needed to be more on it.

 Friends who are diabetic were shocked that this endocrinologist, who's touted as one of the best in this medical group, didn't get me a monitor immediately or talk to me about steps I needed to take. So, I decided to call his office today. I asked if I needed a monitor or needed to take the classes this medical group offers for diabetics. The assistant asked for me and guess what?! Yeah, it'd be helpful for me to take the class, he said. The assistant told me she was going to fax over the referral promptly to get me in the class.

 I'm sorry, but that's a big DUHHHH if I ever heard one! This doctor may be great at diagnosing, but he's horrible at explaining what needs to be done! I am just incredibly frustrated that I had to make the call and sit on hold while they had to ask the doctor this question. I understand that people aren't perfect, but I'd think that this would be par for the course with a doctor with this much experience. I'd think that he would explain how often I'd need to be monitored, etc., without even batting an eye.

 So, I'm debating what to do. I want to be honest with him at my next appointment and tell him how I feel and that I want him to quit talking to his damn recorder and start talking to me. Is it reality that I'd blurt that out? Probably not. I feel that I need to say something though, whatever that may be.

 I'm just NOT happy right now about having to ask today, after my appointment. I'll sit with questions at my next appointment, but the reality is that I probably need to switch endocrinologists.


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