Monday, September 10, 2012

Now that you all know this....

It's sad to be in this place once again. Now that I am though, what's the plan?

Well, I obviously need to lose weight again. How is being figured out. I think it'll be a combination of 2 ways.

 The first will be using the site I used it this past summer when my church was going through a fitness series modeled after Rick Warren's Daniel Plan. The Daniel Plan recommended that site, which I can see why. It's a good site to record what you eat and also record your exercise. Needless to say, I'm back at it today recording what I eat. Exercise will come next.

 The second thing I should do is start rewarding myself for exercise. I can tell you that weight loss is a reward in itself. Exercise is almost the bane of my existence though. I can lose weight. Adding exercise in though has always been an issue for me. How in the heck can I add it in to really be effective at losing weight? An idea came to me as I thought of that question.

 My friend Robyn rewarded herself this past summer whenever she hit a new weight loss level. They were all non-food items and were given at 5 pound intervals. I don't believe in doing this for weight loss, because like I said before, weight loss is a reward in itself. For exercise? I can muster rewarding myself for that. :) So.... I'll start in rewarding myself for that. I've decided that for 5 days worth of exercising I'll make a trip to a scrapbooking store to get myself washi tape.

 I need to start small, and hopefully this will help me be able to accomplish my goals.

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