Thursday, October 11, 2012


 So I got the thyroid uptake and scan results emailed to me. Guess who needs a thyroid biopsy?

 This all goes back 2 years ago. I had a cancer scare that all stemmed from a lump in my back. My primary doctor wasn't concerned but sent me on to a general surgeon to have it removed. The general surgeon was concerned though and had me do a CT-scan. The results came back a day later as possibly liposarcoma that had spread to my chest wall, lungs, a lymph node, thyroid and spleen.

 My primary doctor called his oncologist friend whom I saw and said no, this was probably lymphoma. He'd need a biopsy to be proven correct though. All 3 doctors agreed about the possibility and so, I had a biopsy done of the lymph node. Benign!

 Further testing was done by the general surgeon, which he said was fine-including my thyroid. The surgeon told me I had a goiter and then added in, "not much you can do about that."

 Oh, there's a LOT you can do about that, dumb ass! The endocrinologist thinks so too, obviously! I swear, God forbid, if I have the "c" word, I'll be pissed!

 I'm just mad! 

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