Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When you know it's time

 These past few days have been filled with God's presence leading and guiding me, telling me it's time to move on from certain things.

 No bones about it, last year was awesome. It was a good year. And then, 2012 rolled around and has been filled with health issues and other crap. Only now am I beginning to see the light-and it's telling me that I need to move on. From people. I see the light with them and know it's time to distance myself. I really feel that God's blessings won't come into my life unless I do this.

 I guess I want to hang on to the good feeling I had 12 months ago. Time marches on though. Better things come along. I need to release the past to find the present blessings.

 Here's to working on dumping the past to find present blessings. Here's to living in the present. 

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