Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012 recap

 November was:

 -The first time I've ever cooked for Thanksgiving. Pretty sad, I know. My stuffing was a hit, though and will be made again next year. Yay for Pinterest!

 -Signing up for craft fairs to hawk my goods to make some extra money. C'mon buyers!

 -Seeing family. I told one family member to monitor his kid's online activity and laughed when I heard a hysterectomy is a secretive thing on my mom's side of the family. Yes, really!

 -Dealing with elderly parents. This will only get sadder with time. It's times like this that I wish my sister was around.

 -Making Christmas cards.

 -Saying no to getting myself sued. Yes, you read that right.

 -Getting sick of the endocrinologist who doesn't know who I am to save his life. Hopefully the appointment at UCLA will be this month. 

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