Pituitary Adenomas

 My right breast began bleeding, so I high tailed it to the doctor ASAP.

 My gynecologist had recently retired, so I was given the first available appointment with another doctor, a kind man with a really great beside manner. He sent me over to the hospital's breast center pronto for an ultrasound and told me it could possibly be breast cancer. (It wasn't.)

 The gynecologist also referred me to the breast center's brilliant surgeon who showed me my ultrasound at a later appointment, which showed a problem beyond my initial reason for a referral. I had engorged breast ducts, which shouldn't be happening since the pregnancy test came back negative. I had to get blood work done to check my prolactin level. It came back at 41, which is abnormally high. A second test came back at 61. MRI time.

 I hate staying still in those things. I like moving around, which you can't do when your head is in a cage. Or ever with an MRI.

 The result was a questionable 3mm adenoma. Things began to make sense as I researched this. I told the breast surgeon I wanted to hug her after reading online about adenomas. She laughed, but I meant it.

 It just made so much sense.

 I did research to find a decent endocrinologist in my medical group. He did what I was later told was excellent testing, even though he had the worst bedside manner ever. The man didn't have a conversation with me. I'm not kidding! He spoke into his tape recorder at every appointment!

 And so, here I sit. With a new medical group and a new endocrinologist. I'm still finding answers about this and bring you along for the journey.

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