Sunday, October 2, 2016

September recap

September began with cooler temperatures. Not for long though! The humidity had to set in!

 This was the medical test month! I had an MRI done of a mass on my back that prompted a cancer scare 6 years ago. I'm happy to say that it's still not cancer. :) I'm going to talk to a vascular surgeon about removing the mass but haven't made up my mind entirely yet. It's apparently not an urgent matter according to the general surgeon who ordered the MRI.

 The MRI did unfortunately find an issue with my spleen that I had to get a CT-scan for. I'll find out the results this coming week.

The contrast I had to drink before the test

 I also had my mammogram done this month. I have to get a diagnostic mammogram done in about a week along with an ultrasound on the other breast. I'm not worried about it as I'm good about getting my yearly mammogram done, so I know that if anything is found, it's minor.

 My volunteering changed at church.I'm now helping out in the kids ministry and also helping with social media.

 Family came to visit during the last week of the month. We did our usual dinner trip to El Cholo's. It was good to see everyone.

I had fajitas :) 

Cutie pie Emma

My cousin and her daughter


 I also may finally be able to quit my job, as I just had a job interview that went well. I'll know the results this week.

 I wish I could say that September was chock full o' fun, but that wasn't the case. Onto October though!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August recap

  August had some memorable moments. Let's just put it that way...

 The month began with a drunk college student on my doorstep really super early one morning. I guess it should be expected since I live two miles from our local university, but it seriously jolted me out of my sleep when I saw someone out there super early in the morning. I requested to see the video from her knocking on my door simply out of curiosity since my complex has one of their video cameras pointed almost at my front door. The association member who showed it to me even said how obvious it was to her that the person was simply drunk and lost. I agreed.

 The fun continued, though! I was awakened a few nights later around 1 am by a neighbor and the police. (!) My neighbor works nights and walked her dog around our complex after coming home from work. She noticed a man text messaging literally right by my gate and called the police because she was concerned. I'm very grateful for her, but as the police said, that could have been a number of things-and the man was gone by the time the police arrived.

 These two situations made me grateful to have nice neighbors and also that one of my complex's security cameras shine almost at my front door. Friends have told me to sleep with my porch light on, which I've been doing since those two episodes.

 I decided to not do online dating anymore and got my profile off of two free sites. I had a creepy experience on one of them (August was quite the month!), which prompted this decision. Let's just leave it at that...  However, my last online date (with a non-creepy man) was very nice. We went to The Cannery in Newport Beach. He seemed nice, but honestly, I felt he was moving way too fast. I decided after that to not do online dating anymore. If God blesses me with a husband, we'll meet the old fashioned way-face to face!

 I also had a biopsy of my thyroid goiter, which came back benign. I also had to see a surgeon about a medical issue from 6 years ago. I have to get an MRI of that area this weekend. Great... That week is going to be fun, as I have my mammogram and the MRI.

 The job search continues. I continue to get interviews. The hard thing is scheduling them between work and not making it obvious that I'm searching for a new job.

 Women's ministry at church had their monthly event. We had ice cream sundaes then. I wish I would have taken a picture of the setup for the sundaes, as it was cute. Women's Conference is coming up, which I know will be nice. I also got drafted to volunteer in a different area at church.

 My friend Chris's grandmother died this month. I've known Chris since high school, so I saw the grandma before she passed away. She sadly had a brain bleed as my dad did, but she went to a different hospital. The quality of care was amazingly different-sad to say. I helped Chris move the next week, as she and her kids were living with her grandmother and the house is being sold.

 I also had my hair done. Woot! :) It looks like my only photo for the month. :)

 So it looks like that was my month. Here's to a non-eventful September!

Friday, August 5, 2016

July recap...

I have to admit that July was kind of blah. I took charge of looking for a job and getting interviews and also other things, but I felt blah. I think it was partially related to having to look for a job yet AGAIN and also the weather, which was icky.

 There was stuff to do in July though. I had jury duty in the early part of the month. I was chosen for a panel, so I had to go back for a second day. It was for a criminal case, which I fortunately didn't get chosen for.

 And... the garage fire stuff continues to hang on. I received a call from the attorneys office for the insurance company for my next door neighbor. They want to get their money back on what they paid out for my neighbor's claim and wanted my insurance information. Since I wasn't liable for the fire I told them no and to contact the association. My insurance agent is now involved. Nothing is moving forward, but my agent thinks that if it does, she may have to open a liability claim regarding this stuff. Sigh...

 My dad's birthday was in late July. We tried Black Bear Diner, which was okay, but not great. It just opened down the street from my parents house and is really popular. Not with us though... The next week, my mom wanted a repeat, so we went to Red Lobster again. :) Dad wanted the fried calamari appetizer, which had fried broccoli with it! It was interesting, to say the least!

 I had fun the last day in July when the alumni association for the university I went to got tickets to see Pageant of the Masters. I paid for it a little while ago. This event in Laguna Beach sells out every single year and was phenomenal. The university rented a nice bus to go down there, which people who have gone before say is a smart idea since I guess parking is a pain for the event. I would definitely go back again.

A drought tolerant garden at the university... This area was a parking lot when I was there! 

I have to explain this photo. This is an up close shot of art on a tree. What is it supposed to be, you ask? Tree fungus made out of Starbucks coffee lids... 

Starbucks coffee lid tree fungus from a distance... 

 So, July was a mixed bag. Here's to a cooler temperature, more upbeat August. 

June recap

 June began on a happy note when my parents celebrated their 46th anniversary. My parents invited me to go out to dinner with them (Probably to drive. :)). We went to The Cat and the Custard Cup, which is always very nice.

The deer steak I always get there... 

 The insurance kicked in at work, which made me quite happy because the individual plan I was on was over $300 a month. My work now takes out much less each month from my paychecks! It also made me happy to take care of getting my sleep apnea machine. I was holding off because my individual plan didn't cover medical equipment. My work one does. The sleep apnea machine would have been over $1,000 without coverage! With coverage was simply a co-pay of $129. I can do that! :)

 Probation also ended in June. I was quite happy to wave goodbye to that phase of things! I also won a Visa Gift Card at work a few days after probation ended, but silently groaned a lot when the director mentioned in the same meeting that our section was losing money (Don't say it...) and to be prepared for "stuff to go down" soon. She then added we were all okay, for now.... Groan.... Layoffs again?? Unfortunately, yes. We were informed later that our section's work is going to be handled in the country of India shortly.... Sigh... Job hunting AGAIN....

I won it, yet they spend too much money, they say... 

 That news meant investigating  health insurance options so that I don't have to pay for COBRA coverage when the time comes....

I also inherited two new-to-me sofas from a couple at church. I'm so happy with them! My friend George helped me transport them. I was so grateful that I paid for dinner at Sizzler to thank him for helping me lift something so major. Talk about a workout! My parents neighbor's granddaughter inherited my loveseat. I got it for free ten years ago, so I gave it to someone. She was grateful for it which is all that matters.

 Father's Day was spent a day early with my dad. My parents and I went to Red Lobster for dinner.

 A heat wave hit Southern California the next day, with temperatures over 100 degrees. It was really nasty.

 I also went on a date. (Woohoo :) ) He seemed nice and was a Christian, but there was no sizzle. We did go to Dripp though, which was nice! :)

 So a bit of negative and positive in June. Here's to a better July.... 

Friday, June 10, 2016

May recap

 The month began on a not-so-fun note when I got sick with E Coli. My whole section at work got it after our end of the month lunch in April. :( Not fun.

 My car alternator decided to die on me one Friday afternoon on my way home from work. Since I work in almost the other end of the county, that meant AAA had to tow me home... At that point I realized that I needed to start searching for a new car as soon as I passed probation at work...

 Mother's Day was spent at my parents house. I got Mom a dozen and-a-half roses and we got take out from G Burger.

 My cousin also had her second baby in May. Elliott looks like a cutie! I haven't seen him yet because he lives on the other side of the state. :)

 I had one hell of a weekend that next week when Mom told me she had chest pains. I took her to the local ER. When I got back to their house after they admitted Mom for the night, my dad had fallen. He was on a ladder!  I joked we could get a two-for-one deal at the hospital if we pushed hard enough.... It seemed as if my whole weekend was spent at that hospital.  Fortunately, they're both all right. Mom didn't have a heart attack and Dad didn't break anything. Yaaay....

 I ended up taking my parents to a birthday party the next weekend. This was for a guy my dad used to work with, and it was nice to see how much his former co-workers really liked him. The party was at a small, local airport. I thought it was a great location! I sat in the car taking pictures of clouds for a good portion of the party in case you're wondering what the heck this photo has to do with a birthday party. :)

Clouds and airports...They do connect! :) 

Memorial Day weekend came at just the right time. My work had a (non-food poisoning) end of the month lunch with a food truck. We also had a photo station that we all enjoyed-with photo booth props too! Everyone in my section thought it was a fun lunch. What really was a happy thing though was that my section's group picture at the photo station helped us win a $25 bonus in a paycheck!

Lovin' the prop glasses... 

An interesting and fun group to work with...

 I had barbeque with my parents also that weekend-who opted to stay off ladders. :) I also saw a really great tradition around the corner from them called The Gathering of the Crosses. I also went to my grandparents graves at Rose Hills, which is known as one of the largest cemeteries in the world! That blew me away!

Flowers I left at their graves...

The view from my grandparents graves at Rose Hills. It would probably be stunning on a clear, non-smoggy day...

The Gathering of the Crosses....

 And so, that was my May. I hope June is just as nice-minus the E Coli!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April recap

Things came to an end and a new beginning in April. I finally was able to go into my garage April 1st. Words can't express how happy I was that I could actually park in there!

 My next door neighbor has been battling with the association to not park in her garage ever since she moved in last year. She tried to rope me in to do her dirty work, but I stood my ground. It wasn't easy, but I had to do it. Of course, standing my ground meant an argument. Oh well...

 Someone took a leave of absence at work, so I was moved to a different department since I had the experience to handle the job. A few of us were actually switched around when that happened. I have to admit that since I've only been at my job such a short time that I immediately had thoughts that they didn't like me in my last department, yada yada. Blessings come in many different ways though, as this position is a little higher up and I enjoy it a bit more. We'll see what happens though when the person on leave comes back. What matters is that I enjoy learning something new, which I'm doing now.

 My former neighbors Jerry and Danny got married April 9th. I was invited to the wedding. I cringed a little when I got invited, thinking that this was my first gay wedding. As a Christian, I knew I shouldn't go. How do you tell your really awesome former neighbors that though? These are two good guys. So, I went. It was a really, really nice wedding. The ceremony was at Wayfarer's Chapel and the reception was nearby at a community center. It was a fun reception! Did I feel that they were perverting the word of God at the wedding though? Yes, unfortunately I did....

 I also went to Mission San Gabriel the next weekend for something to do. It was cool. I went there once for a field trip when I was in 4th grade, and it was interesting to go back. Ironically, I know someone whose kids go to the same elementary school I did, and they don't visit that mission now for the life of them, which is sad. True, it's not in the best area, but kids are missing out by not experiencing life outside their bubble.

The beautiful playhouse next door to the mission.

Detail at the playhouse

The original pulpit in the mission-from the 1700s! 

This altar blew my mind. It was gorgeous! 

 I also learned this month of two people I know being diagnosed with colon cancer. One being a former boss and the other a neighbor down the street from my parents. That is what my dad's cousin died from this past January, so I'll be interested to know what stage they both are. Ironically, both of them are around the same age as my dad's cousin...

And so, that was my month. Onto May! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

March recap

 March began excitedly. After a background check and a drug test, I was cleared to start my new job! I actually worked in this building roughly 6 years ago as a temp, doing something similar to what I do now (different company though). So, needless to say, it's deja vu for me to work here-as a permanent employee this time. My brain wanted to explode with all the different information given the first week, but I caught on to everything by the end of the second week. The benefits are awesome, so I hope to be there for awhile.

 I decided to do something interesting before starting back to work, so I took the train down to Union Station in LA. I didn't leave the station and simply walked around looking at the awesome architecture. Talk about a gorgeous building from a bygone era! I had lunch there and took the train home. People on Instagram really loved the photos, which was cool.

 I also went to Clifton's in downtown LA with Judy, a sweet lady I helped out for awhile. This is an old establishment right in the heart of downtown. The buildings were gorgeous and she said that the restoration was quite good, as she remembered going as a child.

 The garage issue finally got on my last nerves this month. I'm refinancing for a lower rate, which of course requires an appraisal-which of course includes my garage with no matching stucco and missing concrete on the side... Then, my next door neighbor wanted me to ask the association to pay for a professional garage cleaning and threatened to not park her car in the garage until mine was cleaned. I frankly don't care where she parks but realized she had a point. My garage should probably be cleaned. I wrote a letter to the association asking them to light a fire under the contractor's butt to get it finished before the appraiser gets out here-and to also have it cleaned.

 I also took a trip to the beach after seeing my parents one Saturday to do parent chores, as I like to call it. (Plus, I planned it out in advance...) It was just what I needed after finishing parent chores.

 And finally, I got another MRI done of my brain and pituitary gland. I'm happy to report that the adenoma is no longer visible!!! Overall it means that the medication has done its job and has reduced the tumor down to a size where it can't be seen on an MRI.

 So, it was a good month on the whole. I hope that April is just as nice.