Sunday, July 26, 2015

A boring start with a birthday thrown in...

 The week began on  a boring note, with laundry thrown in.

  I did the usual grocery shopping for my parents on Sunday. My mom always has to read off the grocery list to me. Not like I don't hit the same grocery stores each week for them anyway....

 It rained like a monsoon as I drove home from the store for my parents. I mean, we're talking wind blowing, rain pouring, feeling like I'm in Florida weather... I got to my parents house and we got take out when the weather died down.

 Monday meant more humidity. Fortunately I was sitting in air conditioning at work. The rain died down today, so the humidity was the only cross to bear for a bit. The traffic was also absolutely nuts leaving work. (I work pretty close to Angel Stadium.)

 I also made arrangements for my dad's 80th birthday dinner.

 Tuesday meant more work and more humidity. The nurse at my doctor's office left me a voice mail message in the afternoon that I needed to get some blood work done to check the hormone level for my adenoma and some medication the doctor put me on for it. I let the appropriate people know I had to get blood work done the next morning.

 I also spoke to my new next door neighbor again. She seems, interesting.... We'll just leave it at that....

 Wednesday saw me doing blood work first before heading in to work. It blew me away to see the line out the door in order to check in. I got the blood work done and headed in to work. I wasn't for the sensitive ears as I hopped on the freeway when I realized I forgot my lunch! Otherwise it was a boring day.

 My dad turned 80 on Thursday. I had literally a zillion conversations with the doctor's nurse that day as the blood work came in and showed I'm not at a therapeutic level with my medication. They directly correlate that with the tumor. On a good note though, the hormone associated with the tumor is down!

 I went to dinner with my dad that evening to Lazy Dog Cafe. We brought their dog Honey along. It was packed and I was exhausted. She's a sweet dog, but not well behaved, so I held the leash alllll through dinner. Mom used an extra cake for his birthday cake since she couldn't go to the store. It was pink. Yes, that got a comment from Dad. :) An extra cake got picked up on Sunday for him-one with appropriate man colors. Lol

 A really awkward situation happened at work, which meant I had a conversation with my boss that afternoon. I think I'm going to like her. Mandatory overtime for Saturday. Again.

 I had dinner with my former neighbors at their nearby house that evening. One of them just got laid off from the Pennysaver, which brought about a discussion about my laid off times. I had been considering ways to make extra money and actually thought about making resumes for others. I'm going to do his resume as a trial to see how he does.

 Saturday meant more overtime. I got out earlier than anticipated. Yay! Since I'm usually exhausted by that time of the week, I seriously napped when I got home. I then went swimming for a bit and spoke to my neighbor again. Interesting lady.....

 And my week...... 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Inappropriateness and relief

 The week started out on a weird note. I was excited about some things lying ahead but wasn't happy about other things that I won't mention.

 I started out the week swimming. I also said something I regret to someone non-family.

 I also did the usual grocery shopping for my parents. I was irritated because my mom wanted a ton of stuff and she forgot to give me the money to pay for it. :( (She reimbursed me when I got back to their house.) I also had dinner with my parents.More wine got bought this week! Mom says there are cooking projects on the horizon. With wine. Uh huh. I won't be shocked to have to buy more wine next week. :)

 Monday meant work. I started earlier to get out earlier so I could get my mammogram done. I got that done without an issue. I also heard some sad news about a family member. I don't want to ever go out that way.

 Tuesday also meant work. I actually left on time to go to a non-medical appointment! Woohoo! I also met my new next door neighbor when I got home. She ironically looks just like my now former neighbor. Talk about deja vu! She seems nice so far.

 Wednesday meant more work and some overtime. I got in a little late due to traffic. The owner of the company began talking about the company event on Friday at Downtown Disney, which made me happy. The raffle prizes looked wonderful.

 Thursday meant more work. We all began to strategize for the raffle prizes we wanted. :)

 Friday meant a partial day of work. Then we headed to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney.

We were all taking selfies. Lol

Before getting in the photo booth. 

 Saturday meant more work, but only for 45 minutes because the person doing their job was newly trained and couldn't figure something out with her files. No supervisor was around to help her. I was actually happy to get out early. It was nice to relax.

 And then, it rained pretty hard. I took no photos but was surprised. We need it here in Southern California, so I'm glad it did rain. It helps, but honestly, we need a monsoon to get us out of this drought!

 And so, my week.... 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mystery solved...

 I volunteered on Sunday to help out setting up at my church's carnival the next Saturday. My cousin also messaged me back and told me they'd be up visiting in a month, so she can get the present then. I then asked how she was doing and was told she had the sweetest baby in the world. :)

 I also did the usual grocery shopping for my parents. I had to laugh about how times have changed since I picked up cheap wine at the store for my parents. :) (It was actually for a recipe Mom was making-or so she says-ha!)

They were in rare form tonight. We'll just leave it at that.... We got take out at a local restaurant which I treated for. They've helped me out so much in the past that it was the least I could do.

 Monday meant more work. I actually laughed about something that would have normally made me nervous. I was happy about that!

 Tuesday meant even more work. We had computer problems almost all day. We literally all sat around talking! Talk about a way to get to know your co-workers!  I did have a nice conversation with my boss also. She was highly complimentary and is going to have me doing some specialized work. That made me smile. Probation will end next week.

 I had a non-medical appointment this week and saw photos of my cousin's baby on Facebook when I got home from that appointment. What a cutie! It was fun to see my dad admiring his grand-niece online.

 Wednesday meant work again. We have to track how much time we spend on various projects now, so that was interesting. I also forgot my lunch at home, so I had to get one out.

 I got my hair did after work. It was sorely needed. There's a salon down the street from me that I've wanted to try but didn't know who to go to. I'll try her again.

(This was the next day, so my hair doesn't look as good...) 

 Thursday meant more work. I remembered my lunch. :) I had a massively huge file that absolutely amazed me. It took me 45 minutes to get done when normally I get files done in roughly 10-12 minutes.

 I had to email my medical group that evening about something.

 I was also a little irked with the volunteer coordinator (who knows me) at church that evening. I was told on Sunday thanks for volunteering and that she'd get back to me on Thursday. No email. I debated sending an email, but I got grief for that once before, so I didn't. Come to find out she made a mistake. Go figure, she's human. :)

 I got called back by my medical group Friday morning about my email and got what I needed by that evening. I was happy.  Granted, I got the call at work on my cell and had to step outside to speak to the person that morning, but still, that's nothing.

 Saturday meant working for 2 hours. One of my co-workers and her sister live really close to my parents! Small world. I napped when I got home. I went to see Tomorrowland at the discount theatre by me that evening.

 My week! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Swimming, food and mystery....

 The week began with more mystery. My mom made a second call to check on my cousin's baby and got radio silence again. She then realized she'll get a call back when she gets a call back.

 I went swimming early in the afternoon and did my parents shopping that evening. We got take out later on.

 My aunt called my mom back on Monday and gave a few more details. There were no shocking details. Still though, where is the baby? Still no photos on Facebook. It's all so strange.

 I began to plan the month of July on Tuesday. I mean, it was the last day of June and all. :) We got word that we were going to have a potluck at work on Friday. I signed up to bring soda even though a part of me wanted to look on Pinterest for something fun to cook. I knew though that soda was the most logical thing for me to bring.

 I was super tired Wednesday-during and after work. I basically did nothing after work except for one thing. I put something in the garage that should have been in there months ago.

 Thursday was a little bit better tiredness wise. I stopped at Wal Mart after work to pick up the 12-pack of soda I signed up to bring for the work pot-luck. I was pleasantly surprised that it was indeed cheaper than the store for what I needed.

 Friday meant half a day at work. The work potluck turned out really well. A lot of people contributed, so we all had plenty of food. Some Filipino co-workers brought Pancit and Lumpia which made me SUPER happy. One of them told me to take some of the Pancit home, which ended up being my dinner that evening. Pancit and leaving early from work? What more could I ask for? :)

 I took a nap when I got home from work and just took it easy that evening. I went grocery shopping later on to stock up for the evening and next day. I also made plans to go see the fireworks show at the high school on the 4th.

 I texted my aunt (the grandma of the alleged grandchild) on the 4th of July to wish her and my uncle a Happy 4th. I just meant it as a kind gesture but was told the baby and my cousin were doing great. :) So, I texted my cousin and said I'd love to see the baby and drop off her gift when they had the chance and she felt able to see me. No response. I am done and will not bother them with anything about their baby. I have a feeling what's going on though and want to show my cousin some kindness.

My neighbors had a bbq by the pool, so I joined them. I also went swimming. I went to a fireworks show later on in the evening with my friend Chris and her family.

 Behold, the fireworks setting on my camera! :)

 It was a good first week of July.