Thursday, August 10, 2017

June gloom?

 The lovely days of June have come and gone. They were a mixed bag.

 I'm still employed. :) I about came unglued though one day this month, but managed to stay calm when I was blamed for a mistake that was not my fault. What happened was a loan processor did not do his job and ended up not sending money out on time. I have to do 50 things at once, so I got the email asking where the money was but was doing my job and got the email to the processor late. It's not like I wasn't doing my job! And guess who got blamed for the funds not going out? Me! Why? Because they claim I could have forwarded and printed the email and walked it to the processor sooner, even though I was doing my job!

 I also ended up getting a nice bacterial infection that had me on antibiotics for 10 days. The woman behind me at work has been sick since the day I began there, so I know she gave me the infection. She's still sick....

 My parents also celebrated their 47th Anniversary. I once again played designated driver and drove them to dinner at The Cat and the Custard Cup. As usual, it was fantastic.

 Father's Day was also nice. My mom and I went out to dinner with my dad to Cafe El Cholo, where he said he wanted nachos with jalapenos and beer. He said he could have stopped there. :) I got him beer for a Father's Day gift, which he really liked.

 On to July! Photos to come-some day!

May Days....

 No pictures will be shown in this entry so that I can get caught up. They may be put in at a later date.

 I decided to take a nice long walk in early May at the arboretum down the street from me. It's connected to the university that I went to. It's gorgeous and proved to be a great walk.

 I also started my new job. This deals with commercial loans, which I have zero-zip, zilch, nada-experience with. Residential, yes. Commercial, no... The building is phenomenal that I work in though. It has a gym for employees and a food court for breakfast and lunch. (Yes! A food court!) The light that streams in to the common area to eat lunch at is great too. However...The commute is ghastly. Like really, really damn ghastly. Plus, I'm making tons of mistakes. I know it's common to do that at a new job, but I just don't know. I got this job through a temp agency, and I know I'll be here until at least the end of August. I just don't know though.

 Mother's Day was nice. My mom just wanted take out. I had found her a cute little garden rock for a gift. My sister only called her, so I know my gift had meaning.

 And so, that was my month.