Saturday, February 22, 2014

Woods Avenue tulips

 A local homeowner plants scads of tulips in his front yard each year. They're a gorgeous array of colors and are always so HUGE! The owner is a retired Biology teacher from the local high school and told the newspaper that he buys the bulbs at Costco and freezes them before planting. I guess it does the trick, because they look beautiful. Enjoy the photos!

  You can see last year's photos of the tulips here. And the year before here....

Saturday, February 15, 2014


 So I had surgery this past week.

 Surgery is never fun. The nerves. The pain. The knocking out stuff. I just don't like it.

 I freaked out a little when the anesthesiologist explained to me that since the surgeon requested general anesthetic for me, that they'd knock me out while on my back and stick a tube down my throat into my lungs to help me breathe. Par for the course when they knock you out completely. That's not what freaked me out.

 Because a colorectal surgeon performed the surgery (that's all I'll say, as it's a little TMI what he had to do), they would have to flip me over with the tube in me and flip me back over when done. Because I'm not exactly thin, this freaked me out. I also worried that my lungs would get punctured, etc. I was probably overreacting, but who knows? I have to give the doctor credit though that he spoke with the anesthesiologist who ended up in the room and they simply gave me something in my IV to put me out and stuck an oxygen mask over me.

 The anesthesiologist gave me something as they wheeled me into the operating room because I was so nervous. What I remembered in there pissed me off.

 I think it was the doctor who motioned to me and helped me into position on the table and gently grabbed my arm with one hand to help me along-while grabbing my stomache with his other hand. Someone (a male voice) said, "Wow. That's a lot." I took that to mean my stomache. The doctor answered back, "I know."

 I find that beyond inappropriate and sent the doctor an email the next day letting him know. BEYOND INAPPROPRIATE. I also said that I will apologize if I was too stoned and didn't remember things correctly. His RN read the email the next day and let me know that the doctor was out of the office but would be back in the following day and would answer me.

 He didn't.

 As luck would have it, I got a survey in the mail from my medical group asking me to rate the doctor from the first visit. If I don't get a response from him, I will call the phone number on the survey and complain.

 Is this common with overweight patients? Am I overreacting?

 Edited: The doctor called today with the pathology report and apologized. All is well. :) 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Second opinion

Since I switched insurance last month, I went to my first appointment with a breast surgeon to follow up regarding my breast biopsy of 2012. I was told by my previous medical group that even though I didn't have cancer, that a cell found in the biopsy meant I needed to be in that surgeon's office every 6 months getting an MRI, ultrasounds and a mammogram once a year.

 The cell found was atypical ductal hyperplasia. After Googling, I began to think that the doctor was going a little overboard. Going back today confirmed that. Yes, I do need to be monitored. That means getting a mammogram every other year. That's it! Yaaaay! (For those of you wondering, I asked why not every year starting at 40. The doctor said that current standards say mammogram every other year for a person with risk factors up until age 50, when it becomes every year.) I get a mammogram next month and then will be good for 2 years. (Or until I switch insurance...)

 While I appreciate the first doctor's concern and am happy with her biopsy work (The current doctor said it was very good, as she could barely tell where the cuts were made. She's right. I'm pretty happy with the other doctor's work too.), I am glad I thought for myself and didn't allow the other breast surgeon to go unnecessarily billing happy on me.

 So, I'll make the necessary health changes and move forward, seeing one less doctor. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pinterest saves the day

 One of the things I told my weight loss coach I'd work on before we speak again is planning out my meals. That means, breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day. I didn't realize how tough that would be for me.

 By tough, I mean a mixture of a couple things. First of all, I really resisted the planning-at first. I don't know why, but I just did. There also aren't a lot of online templates for meal planning that include snacks either! That actually meant that I had to plan things out by hand. (GASP! HORRIBLE!) But then, I realized I didn't know what to cook!

 You should know that my eating has otherwise been known as flybytheseatofyourpantseatontherun. It involves little brain work and worked well for me-that is, until I began eating excessively due to stress, which in turn affected my health. Which means one thing. I need to exert some brain cells and plan out what I'm going to eat.

 After looking online and seeing the lack of meal planning templates that include snacks, I realized I needed to plan my meals out by hands. Yes, that means WRITE THEM OUT. GASP!!!

 What do I cook though?

 Oh yeah, I have a whole Pinterest folder filled with food and drink ideas! Duhhhhh......

 And so, I went through my Pinterest folder, picking and choosing recipes for the week. (Granted, many of them are fattening, but I'm focusing on planning right now. Next week will be a selection of healthy recipes-I hope...) Breakfasts, snacks, lunches, snacks, dinners.

 It's not that bad once you get down to it. Despite the lack of online meal planning templates, I think I can do it.....