Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012 recap....

 Hello end of July!

 You were an interesting month. You were filled with finding a new location in my city for viewing fireworks. That was an incredible treat. Hopefully though by this time next year, we won't have to be resigned to viewing them from afar in my city if the vote to repeal the ban takes effect in November.

 You were also filled with a mild adventure of going to UCLA to see what I'd called an over rated sculpture garden. The buildings are beyond gorgeous on campus, but finding that sculpture garden in the heat was somewhat of a pain. You were also filled with even milder adventures on the home front with finding furniture I'd been wanting.

 You were filled with work. You were filled with joy. You were filled with medical worry. After three months, I finally had the breast biopsy done last week. Two spots were biopsied, with the surgeon saying that one was definitely benign. I was told beforehand though by the radiologist that one of the areas is no longer in the duct. I get the results tomorrow, whatever they may be.

 August is a new beginning. I welcome that. I welcome a sense of health and a sense of strength to overcome what I need to. 

birthdays, biopsies and recovery.....

 I can't believe its been almost 2 weeks since I last posted on here. Trust me, you haven't missed much, except for this:

 My dad turned 77. We celebrated by going out to the local Black Angus and had cake over at my parents house. Look at how Honey is looking at my dad. So cute!

 Happy Birthday, Dad!

 I came across a fantastic find one night while taking out my trash. LOL... No, these weren't in the trash, but someone left them next to the dumpster-a big no-no for our association. After dousing them in Lysol and giving them a dose of Febreze, they look fantastic! I'd been wanting to get some bar stools but didn't want to spend the money, so needless to say am happy to have found these, which match perfectly with their surroundings.

 And finally, I got my breast biopsy done. (Don't worry, the armpit scar isn't part of this fun. :( ) I got a little scare before the procedure itself when I was informed by the radiologist that one of the 2 masses that were biopsied has left the duct. :( There must have been some truth to that, because I noticed while  removing the bias wrap on Saturday that I have 2 scars instead of the one that the surgeon mentioned she would give me. I wonder if this means she had to take more out than she needed to?  My follow up appointment with the surgeon is tomorrow, so I'll be sure to ask her why then. The sweet nurse who got me ready for surgery was telling me how she loved my surgeon for many reasons, but mainly because she was a staunch believer who lived out her faith, which poured over to how she practiced medicine. I get the results tomorrow of both the biopsy and the MRI of the pituitary gland and pray they're both nothing. Please pray if you're so inclined.

 So that's whats been happening with me. Fun stuff, huh? 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

UCLA Sculpture Garden

 I had read in the LA Times that the UCLA sculpture garden was a cool, free activity to go see. I thought I'd go see it this past weekend since I've never set foot on that campus. Beautiful campus, an absolute pain to find the sculpture garden.

The library-which was closed; it looked incredibly gorgeous though

 A nice jogger gave me pretty good directions to find the sculpture garden, but I was still a little off. So, I parked by the beautiful old buildings and walked around on the campus. This world famous campus has some gorgeous old buildings that I enjoyed seeing. A gay couple ended up giving me precise directions. :)

Royce Hall

 I loved the detail of the old buildings, including this one. Look on and you'll see how much I loved the detail! :)

The murals here were STUNNING
As was the other detail also

And the colored glass was cool also :)

 I eventually did make it over to the sculpture garden. :) Honestly, it seemed overrated to me. 

This looked like a cross from a distance. 

 And then, I walked to the car. All the while, I caught other detail of the campus. 

A balcony in the Humanities building. I like to capture the off detail. 

And me too. :) 

insurance deductibles and the stuff of life

 Even though I'm a registered Republican and did not support "Obamacare" before, I may do so now after having the MRI of my pituitary gland yesterday! I have a horrendous deductible which hasn't been met yet for the year. I'm certain it will be met after the biopsy. (I hope....) The woman checking me in yesterday for it showed me what my co-pay for the MRI will be if my deductible's not met after the biopsy. Yikes!!!!

 I need a better individual health insurance plan. I'm on my current one due to some medications I'm taking, which, ironically enough, may be causing some of my breast issues! Someone I know who also has a pre-existing condition just got on a good individual plan and was telling me to apply once all is said and done with this. Oh believe me, I will!!! I've always been critical of how health insurance companies play that stupid game. I was denied for an individual policy about 10 years ago. My work was putting everyone on them to save money and the insurance company denied me due to the medication for this. Keep in mind that my medication wasn't for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or anything else major like that. They accepted my co-worker though who smoked and took high blood pressure medication though-and denied me! No logic there! I complained to the Department of Insurance, which didn't do any good, but it felt good to complain. :) I'll stop ranting. This issue gets me going though every time....

 I also saw the breast surgeon yesterday for my final appointment before the biopsy. I brought my mommy just in case I didn't digest it all. :) The doctor was great with my mom and looked at her also as she explained everything to me. (I had a doctor act nasty with my mom once when I had the cancer scare 2 years ago, so this was nice to see.) I left the appointment feeling good. The doctor said that it's pretty rare for a biopsy to come back cancerous and said this could all be benign polyps. I stopped the medication just in case it's causing some of the discharge. I can live without it, so I'll be curious to see if it does indeed help. I'll also be curious to see if I do indeed have PCOS or a pituitary adenoma. A lot of doctors have also thought I had PCOS, but the diagnosis has never been certain. This is why I requested to see the endocrinologist I did. I was told he's one of the best ones in this group and tests you to death to be certain of his diagnoses. And of course, I'm rooting for PCOS instead of a pituitary adenoma. Oh dear Lord, no more serious procedures on this insurance!!

 I'll be glad when this is all over. Seriously, I will!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

dates have been set

 The date has been set for the biopsy. It'll be in a few weeks. The doctor wants me to come in before the surgery to explain the procedure. I'm glad about that because I have a few questions for her. I guess the radiologist will do some preparation first where he or she will have to (squeamish folks need to quit reading right now) stick wires down my nipple into the appropriate duct. Then the doctor will do the surgery. This hospital is supposed to have one of the better breast care centers in the area, which I'm glad about.

 I'll also be getting the MRI of the pituitary gland this week. I also made the appointment with the endocrinologist, which is for next month. I have to have the breast surgeon's office call the endocrinologist's if I need to get in sooner. I've heard from others that this endocrinologist is really good, so I can see why he takes a month to get in to see.

 Lots of leg work on my end! PHEW! I just want this all over with and to move on.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

biopsies, brain MRIs and endocrinologists...OH MY!

 I had another appointment with the breast surgeon today, and guess what? My health insurance is going to be used this year!

 I just had a second breast ultrasound done on Friday, and that showed I need a breast biopsy. I knew something was up on Friday when the tech said that the doctor would get the ultrasound results Monday. (I had a cancer scare in 2010, and the panic button was set the day after a CT-scan back then.) So, the doctor's surgery coordinator will call me to set that up. It doesn't sounds too fun. :(

 And I'll also be getting a brain MRI. The blood test that I repeated last month came back higher than the last test, which means it's time to check for a tumor. Oh joy. :( I also have to see an endocrinologist, because this could all simply be PCOS.

 We women are fun! A man (of course) joked with me a few nights ago that we women have a lot of body parts that go bad. True. Very true. LOL.

 I guess all I can say is thank goodness for health insurance. Also, please pray if you're so inclined.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The dog may have licked the grill and other stories from the 4th....

 The 4th was nice. I went to my parents house for a bit and saw this insanity-lol.

 Meet Honey, my parents very spoiled dog. Did I mention she was spoiled? I hate to tell you how many meals I've probably eaten from that barbecue without knowing that Honey "blessed" it beforehand with the same mouth that licks her butt. :(

 In addition to celebrating freedom and all that stuff, the 4th also meant that my dad wanted beer. That also meant I made a drive to the nearby drive thru dairy with Dad in the passenger seat. Dad and I had the pleasure of sitting in the backyard having a beer together and saying, "This Bud's for you!"

 Yummy shish kebab also highlighted the day. Yes, on the same grill, lol....

 One of the things I like about the city I live in is that they have a lot of hiking trails. I wanted to see some fireworks this year, so I tried one near where I live, which is the highest point in the city. I ran into people I knew when I did that. What an awesome view. Sadly though, this is the best photo I got. (And I refuse to show any photos of me, as I had a huge zit that day...)

 See what I mean? Look at that awesome view!

 I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. I know that freedom isn't free, and I'd like to thank the service people who are currently serving our country to help us stay that way. God bless you.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012 recap

 So June is over with. It was a good month!

 The health issues aren't over with, but life still went on. Robyn came to visit this month, and we sat in the jacuzzi a few nights, saw the Brady Bunch house in North Hollywood and went to LACMA. I also went to the Huntington Library one day.

 I also started back in with the freelance writing yet need to be realistic also. More to come on that one.

 The city I live in underwent major changes. Congrats blog follower Greg for being part of those changes!

 My parents celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary, I had another Father's Day with my dad and will soon have another birthday with him. Sweet.

 Happy June! Welcome, July!