Monday, June 30, 2014

It's a wrap....

Random shots of my day (a few days ago...)

Doctor's visit. I have Community related MRSA. :( 

Picking up said medication for MRSA. It's such a huge dose that it looks like horse pills. Not kidding....

Organizing my craft supplies into piles to determine what I haven't used so I can attempt to sell it. 

Listened to a Webinar. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Basset Hound games

 The rescue I fostered with does a cute fundraiser every June called Spring Games at a park in Arcadia. (It's still considered Spring when they hold it.) Owners pay a small amount to have their Basset Hounds do silly games like who can wag their tail the longest time and who can nap the longest time. They even have a costume contest that is hilarious. The marketing assistant asked me to sell my crafts this year at the games, which I was glad to do. What made it nice for me was that I was able to see the last dog I had live with me, Lucy. Enjoy the photos!

This Golden Retriever was hilarious. He saw me petting his Basset buddy and hit my hand with his nose as if to tell me he wanted in on some of the action. "You wanna be petted too?" I asked him. Why yes he did and sat down right by me. Lol

The color you're seeing on the Basset's tail is from a cute booth the rescue had at the event. Pay a little money and have your dog paint with his or her tail on a small canvas. It's funny to see in action because the dogs are wondering what the heck is going on! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Adena's graduation party

 Adena's mom Chris has been my friend since high school. We didn't talk when I was in college but reconnected a few years out. She has been a close friend ever since. It was amazing to go to Adena's high school graduation party a month ago. I remember visiting her as a newborn baby. And now, she'll be a music major at the local community college. Excuse the order these pics are in.

Chris and me

Chris's boyfriend manning the grill

Some of the people at the party

Adena with Chris's friend Charlie; Charlie made this quilt for Adena in ONE DAY

The cake

Friday, June 27, 2014

Old Town Orange

 I wanted to get out a few days ago and try something (almost) free, so I went to Old Town Orange to walk around. Old Town Orange is fairly famous and has been featured in numerous movies, including Tom Hanks's "That Thing You Do" and others. It has a nice old feel to it, which I have never explored on foot. Seriously, I live two cities away and have never walked around this area....

The fountain in the center of their round about. I can't even tell you how often this center of town has been used in TV and movies. 

Another view of the center of the round about. 

Watson's Drug Store-I took a friend here last year when he and his family visited for the holidays. It was an inexpensive (and not busy) place for lunch. I love the train that circles the dining area. It's very cute! 

St. John's Lutheran Church

I worked for a little while for a wedding planning company that did receptions out of this building. I love this design. 

And so, that ends my short architectural tour of Old Town Orange. :) 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Music choices...

 I think I'm just doing this for posterity.

 I got to thinking about my music choices today. My car radio is a diverse mix of goodness. Oldies, religious, country and Christian music fill up driving time. More Christian radio stations have begun to fill gaps in my station programming. I guess I'm turning to God more? I hope... I'm also listening to oldies music more. I am old. Lol.

And so, this is my random post of the day. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


 I've been looking back through these posts and detect something.


 Family anger.

 I wanted to address these posts because I feel that I must seem like an ungrateful you-know-what to talk about my parents in these posts and then have dinner with them five minutes later.

 As a Christian, I know I'm supposed to honor my father and my mother. I think I do. And then, I write these posts....

 And I know I'm blaming instead of taking responsibility...

 It stops. Now.

 It's time to move forward....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crafty organization......

 I got to thinking about this subject when putting away my new scraps of cardstock. This faithful organizer of my colorful paper has held up well over it's probably 10 years of use. I love how I used my label maker to label each section instead of simply writing on the divider. Go Dad for getting me the label maker all those Christmases ago! Efficiency! Lol.

 And now, I have to think about organizing more crafty stuff. I make mini albums now, after all. That means cut out cardboard. Cut out cardboard of different sizes! Taking up space in my 780 square foot place! :) Bins, bins, bins! Lol.

 I can never just organize something and keep it clean. I must have that ADHD tendency that way. I go forever and then say, "Oops! Time to clean again!" This especially holds true for my crafting supplies. I could simply stick them in the closet and take them out when I need them, but that means taking them out. All of them.... Did I mention before that I kinda sorta hoarded crafting supplies back in the day?

 So, my project will be to start organizing all this stuff-once again. Let's see how many bins I can throw this stuff in!

 Stay tuned! Lol... 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Random thoughts of the day...

 I thought I'd write down some random thoughts of the day. Hopefully nothing too personal, just some random thoughts to capture my life right now.

 -I had an appointment with the endocrinologist this morning. I'm too fat and I have thyroid nodules. Losing weight will help the blood sugar stabilize, the doctor says. She said that my body is trying to compensate by going high sometimes sugar wise. As for my thyroid, I have a goiter. I have six nodules on my thyroid. Four are benign while two came back as non-diagnostic. The non-diagnostic need to be re-done to make sure I don't have cancer. Ick. I hate thyroid biopsies. They take this long needle and stick it in your neck in the appropriate spot. I cringe just writing about it! This doctor is good with it though-she actually amazes me how she holds the ultrasound probe in one hand and the needle in the other. Anyway....

-Time doesn't stand still. Life goes on all around me. Marriages. Babies. Death. Sickness. Aging. We can't stagnate in life. Well, we can, of course, but it's not good for us. I have a tendency to stagnate when I get scared. Not good and I need to get out of that mode. We can't stop. We can't go back. We can only move forward. I feel a song coming on. Lol!

-An acquaintance of mine and his fiancee are on a cruise in Europe now. It looks great and gets me thinking how nice it would be to travel again. Granted, I wouldn't show it on Facebook while gone (like what he's doing), but a nice vacation sounds fun. Save, save, save....

-It's hot out today. It's my day off from swimming, but I feel like sitting in the pool with a cool glass of something just because.

And those, dear readers, are my random thoughts of the day. Poignant, huh? :) 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I did today

 I guess this is my Ali Edwards Day in the Life post-but done today.

 So what did I do today, you ask? (What? You didn't ask?! ;) ) I.....

 Got to bed too late because I napped the day before. Here I am smiling at 1 am.

Here I am awake around 5 am (No really, I am; lol) to take care of some TMI business

I swam. I'm up to swimming 5 days a week. I'll need to walk when it gets cooler. 

I did laundry at my parents house. The towels desperately needed to be done. 

                               And then, I took selfies to pass the time while my parents did their own thing....

                        And realized that I seriously took the majority of family photos over the years. My parents would seriously not have the photos they do without me taking them....

                                                               I am not kidding.......

And then, I had dinner with my parents here. 

And we actually stopped here to get their Pomeranian a small hamburger to have with dinner. Not kidding... 

Since I'm having issues with my blood sugar, I stopped and got myself this since it's supposed to act fast to get your sugar up. I'm just glad I have an appointment tomorrow with the endocrinologist... 

And here I sit, cutting these out for my to-do lists. I found them online and think they're super cute. 

I live a fast paced life! Lol