Thursday, December 1, 2016

November recap

The month began with FINALLY getting my lab results back. All the test results were negative, so my primary doctor referred me to a hematologist. I saw him the day after my thigh biopsy, so that was one heck of a week. The hematologist said worst case scenario is that I have a low grade case of Lymphoma. (I have lesions in my spleen. :( ) Most likely though it's benign hemangiomas sitting in there. A bone marrow biopsy might be coming up. Blech...

 The thigh biopsy was weird. I nearly hit the ceiling when I felt the needle moving inside my thigh. I was quite grateful for my friend Chris and her fiancee dropping me off and picking me up after the procedure was done. The good news is that the biopsy showed I have... (drumroll) ... a benign hemangioma in my thigh. One doctor done with! Woohoo!

 It also began on a sour note too as I got a letter from my neighbor's insurance company's attorneys demanding money from me from the garage fire last year. My insurance is now involved. Ick...

 One of my cousins also had a boy. Nathan is cute!

 My friend Debra (who had the heart attack last month) ended up having open heart surgery only on one valve. The surgeon could only open it 50 percent. The other two valves are totally clogged. Prayer seems to be the only thing to work for her at this point.

 An ex's aunt passed away this month also. She and I became Facebook friends a few years ago, which I'm glad of. I really liked her when I dated her nephew. She passed away just before Veteran's Day. Her daughter friended me on Facebook now too and has been sharing old photos with me. I thought it was neat that someone did Facebook Live at her funeral. It was a way for me to see it without going, as I'm sure my ex would have thought I was nuts to show up. His cousin invited me though.

 And then, we had an election! It was hotter than hell here that day. And we in California now have to pay for our grocery bags....

 Thanksgiving came and went. As usual, the family got together that weekend at our usual spot, El Cholo's. My cousins brought their kids over to see my parents, which I thought was cool. I had the best salad! I was going to make my usual corn bread stuffing for the day, but I forgot chicken broth at the store, so we had corn bread-and ham! :)

 And my garbage disposal had to have problems. Ick. The plumber had to come out, which is always NOT fun. Of course, I had to have drama getting a plumber out here... There was a mistake with the first company coming out. I would have been more forgiving if the customer service would have been better... I ended up writing a bad review about them on Yelp.

 I got my hair cut.

 And my mom ended up in the hospital again-the second time in 6 months with the same problem... And, she was fine... That brought about some resolutions that I need to make about my future. 

 And so, that was my month....