Saturday, July 22, 2017

The current state of my brain tumor

 I was going through the stats for this blog and see that one of my last posts actually dealing with my tumor kind of left things hanging. I had stopped taking Cabergoline and my mental health was suffering.

 I headed back to the endocrinologist the next month after I posted and got back on the Cabergoline and was actually consistent about taking it. I still am-go figure! My last MRI was done in March, which showed the tumor had shrank! It's no longer visible!

 That could mean the tumor is still there but not visible (It has to be 2-3mm to view on an MRI) or has gone away entirely. I'd like to think the latter. So I guess it really was a prolactinoma if the tumor shrank. I guess that's good... I'd really like an excuse for the weight gain though. Seriously!

 I'm still kooky (lol) but that's just me. Haha.

 That's just a quick update. Stay tuned for more!