Monday, February 8, 2016

January recap

 I've decided to do monthly updates to keep myself blogging. It's really important to write these memories down, because I often find myself going back to this blog when I need to remember something.

 January included garage construction. It's so nice to see the end in sight! I've had to park in the parking lot for over two months now, which is fine since I have a 14-year-old car that desperately needs replacing. (I'm going to start looking soon for another.)

 January also included trying a fantastic restaurant in the city I live in. It was amazingly good. Despite the parking on a Friday night, I'd go back there in a heartbeat. In fact, my mom would like to try it for her birthday in a few weeks. We also went to see the Benghazi movie right after. That's a fantastic movie that every American should see.

The best shrimp cocktail I've ever had... 

 January also included some rough stuff at work. I need to start looking for a new job, because I think layoffs are coming down the pipeline. My boss also told me I'm not catching on to our new project fast enough. Yes, I'm a little worried....

 January included death. My dad's cousin passed away, which included a visit to see him in hospice hours before he died. It was interesting to check out the quality of the home he was in and then a walk next door to see his wife in her home. This country needs to take a serious look at how we treat our elderly in these homes.

A photo of a photo my dad's cousin had in his room. My Nana is in there somewhere I think... 

 And so, that was my January.