Thursday, August 10, 2017

June gloom?

 The lovely days of June have come and gone. They were a mixed bag.

 I'm still employed. :) I about came unglued though one day this month, but managed to stay calm when I was blamed for a mistake that was not my fault. What happened was a loan processor did not do his job and ended up not sending money out on time. I have to do 50 things at once, so I got the email asking where the money was but was doing my job and got the email to the processor late. It's not like I wasn't doing my job! And guess who got blamed for the funds not going out? Me! Why? Because they claim I could have forwarded and printed the email and walked it to the processor sooner, even though I was doing my job!

 I also ended up getting a nice bacterial infection that had me on antibiotics for 10 days. The woman behind me at work has been sick since the day I began there, so I know she gave me the infection. She's still sick....

 My parents also celebrated their 47th Anniversary. I once again played designated driver and drove them to dinner at The Cat and the Custard Cup. As usual, it was fantastic.

 Father's Day was also nice. My mom and I went out to dinner with my dad to Cafe El Cholo, where he said he wanted nachos with jalapenos and beer. He said he could have stopped there. :) I got him beer for a Father's Day gift, which he really liked.

 On to July! Photos to come-some day!

May Days....

 No pictures will be shown in this entry so that I can get caught up. They may be put in at a later date.

 I decided to take a nice long walk in early May at the arboretum down the street from me. It's connected to the university that I went to. It's gorgeous and proved to be a great walk.

 I also started my new job. This deals with commercial loans, which I have zero-zip, zilch, nada-experience with. Residential, yes. Commercial, no... The building is phenomenal that I work in though. It has a gym for employees and a food court for breakfast and lunch. (Yes! A food court!) The light that streams in to the common area to eat lunch at is great too. However...The commute is ghastly. Like really, really damn ghastly. Plus, I'm making tons of mistakes. I know it's common to do that at a new job, but I just don't know. I got this job through a temp agency, and I know I'll be here until at least the end of August. I just don't know though.

 Mother's Day was nice. My mom just wanted take out. I had found her a cute little garden rock for a gift. My sister only called her, so I know my gift had meaning.

 And so, that was my month. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The current state of my brain tumor

 I was going through the stats for this blog and see that one of my last posts actually dealing with my tumor kind of left things hanging. I had stopped taking Cabergoline and my mental health was suffering.

 I headed back to the endocrinologist the next month after I posted and got back on the Cabergoline and was actually consistent about taking it. I still am-go figure! My last MRI was done in March, which showed the tumor had shrank! It's no longer visible!

 That could mean the tumor is still there but not visible (It has to be 2-3mm to view on an MRI) or has gone away entirely. I'd like to think the latter. So I guess it really was a prolactinoma if the tumor shrank. I guess that's good... I'd really like an excuse for the weight gain though. Seriously!

 I'm still kooky (lol) but that's just me. Haha.

 That's just a quick update. Stay tuned for more! 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

April showers bring....

 April was an interesting month. It was good in many ways, yet sad in others. It included fewer photos because I had to delete a lot to make room in my phone. And it also had no showers....

 I went to see my friend Debra this month. Debra had a major heart attack in October and has not been the same since. It was sad to see in person. People had been warning me that she probably had a stroke during all this also and only comprehended about 50 percent of everything. I'd say that was accurate. She also kept asking me to kill her. I told her no, that I didn't want to go to jail. Very sad. I knew then that it was probably time to not visit again.

 My sister turned 45. I texted her on her birthday to wish her a happy birthday and got no response back. Also very sad.

 My kitchen ceiling also decided to rain. My upstairs neighbors had an unintentional flood, which rained through my ceiling. Fortunately, the damage is small and the owner of the unit is a decent guy.

 And now, some good...

 I got a new job! I went through a temp agency and got a long-term temp job with a bank. I'll start in early to mid May, since they have to wait for my background check to come back.

 I got a new haircut-and an undercut. I did some unintentional damage to my hair when I decided to cut out some dry ends myself. I looked at some examples of my hairdresser's work on Instagram and asked him to do an undercut, which turned out so awesome!

Easter meant trying something for our family dessert. It looked weird but tasted fine in the end. My mom only wanted strawberries with any dessert I made, which limited the amount of fruit I could use in these Pinterest skewers.

 A Hispanic market opened up in the city my parents lived in, so I tried it on my way home from seeing Debra. They had some cool stuff, but it won't be a place that I'll be at every week. It will probably be for just special occasions.

 And that, folks, was my April.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

March.... In like a lion, out like........

 March was an interesting month. It was kind of boring-and lacked photos too....

 I began the month as I did last month, going to my church's prayer and worship night. That was cool. I also ran into someone there I hadn't seen in awhile. It was cool to talk to her again. She told me about a walking group at church that I'm going to get involved with.

 My cousin Leslie also passed away at the beginning of the month. Another cousin and I were commenting how fast she went once diagnosed with cancer. I guess God had other plans for her.

 I also really took up reading this month in between other tasks. My last book this month though just had to be 912 pages. I'm half way through, so it looks as if I'll be calling the library for an extension on that book!

A tree at the library.

The area around me also looked, for the lack of a better word, gorgeous. Southern California has had more rain this year than they've had for many years. Therefore, flowers are in bloom and the hills are just gorgeous. It's a happy time!

 And, my insurance company once again denied another claim from my neighbor's insurance company. Who knows when it will end?

 Otherwise, March was a pretty boring month! On to April! 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

And then, we come to February...

February came in rather normally. I went to my church's prayer and worship night on the 1st. That was, as usual, awesome.

 A story came out this month about a man who owned a home in the city I was born in. He's a few years younger than my parents and had the saddest story. The poor man has dementia and his wife and son abandoned him in England with no ID, nothing! The BBC even did a documentary on him. It's a very sad story-and it kind of hit home. Granted, I would never abandon my elderly parents in a foreign country, but I understand the struggle. You ask for help though instead of dumping someone in a foreign country!  This country needs to find a better way to work with the elderly. It's too expensive to find decent care for the elderly here-to even put them in a home. That is terrible.

 And then, a police officer was shot and killed in the same city. (It was a lousy month for the city...) It was the first officer death for that department in 40 years, so it was big news. A former neighbor who now lives back East said she saw it on the news back there. I went to the memorial that evening at the police station after having dinner with my parents. I just wanted to see it.

 My insurance company once again opened the liability claim again in the fire. I swear this thing doesn't go away... My next door neighbor's insurance company wants my insurance company to pay for the cleaning that my neighbor did of the contents in her garage after the fire. And, to top it off, she wants to redo everything again! And my insurance company once again found me not liable. I don't think it will go away any time soon though.

 I had a procedure done in the middle of the month. A cyst was literally underneath my right nipple and caused a gross bubble. This is all related to my pituitary adenoma, which has caused my ducts to be open in one breast. You're more prone to these cysts when you have this.  The surgeon did a good job. I can hardly tell there was an incision. I was a little stoned for a few days after on pain pills, but all is well now.

And then, this thing finally showed up for my patio.... I accidentally cracked it after changing the light bulb. Since I live in a condo, I knew the patio was the association's responsibility, but I said I would pay for the globe since it was a small amount. That is, if I could find a place that sold these '70s things! Home Depot had globes, but not the threaded kind that I needed. And on and on.... I could finally find one. I was so happy when my patio didn't look ghetto fabulous anymore!

 Robyn, her husband and little guy came to California for a visit also this month! They stayed near Disneyland where I saw them one evening. We all shared a dessert, which was great. My pseudo nephew is super cute!

Mom also celebrated her 79th birthday. We went to Cedar Creek Inn, which is always fabulous.

 We had a lot of rain again this month. I know Southern California needs it, but MAN! We even had another flash flood warning, but it wasn't as bad as last month.

 I also got my hair done. It was sadly, sadly needed. I always like the outcome.

 And the month sadly ended with my cousin Leslie being put on hospice. She was only diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last month, so it was sad to see things come to an end so fast. The good thing is that her kids all reunited and are with her now. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017.... The beginning-January

 The new year began with an event my city held to usher in the new year. A long-time friend invited me to go along with his friends. They had a great fireworks show at midnight. I hadn't been to it for almost 20 years prior to my friend Dan inviting me. It was fun!

 I got some bad news about my cousin Leslie in early January. She has pancreatic cancer-Stage 4. Her father died a year ago, so a lot of us are in shock about it. It has spread to her liver and adrenal glands, so the Lord is in control of this one...

 I had to take my mom to the doctor one day. It's the fun part of having elderly parents... She's fine though. In fact, the doctor was amazed how healthy she was. I may have to take her for a colonoscopy, but I'll see.

 We also had a ton of rain this month. My complex was practically flooded one day with the rain up to my ankles. I never thought I'd have to invest in galoshes. Guess I was wrong! We also had flash flooding another day. My patio started to flood, which is never fun. I seriously thought I'd be getting sandbags during the flood, which didn't thrill me at all. Fortunately, the rain stopped with the flooding barely getting high. I had to push the water out once the rain stopped.

 We also have a new president! I really liked his inaugural address. I watched it that morning online and found the whole ceremony just beautiful and enjoyed the tradition of it.

 My friend Chad and I went to the beach one day and had dinner at an Italian restaurant he liked. It was good and was kind of a cool place.

Chianti bottles were on the ceiling...

 I also decided to go to a talk the mayor of my town had, which was interesting. It was held in the city's museum auditorium. It's a beautiful old building, and as you can tell, I liked the architecture-and the interesting mural in the back. :)

I can't turn this picture the correct way. Pretty border though! :) 

 I also had more "fun" with my insurance company over the damn fire from over a year ago. The attorneys from my neighbor's insurance company began calling me at home during the evening. I got upset with my insurance agent at that point and told her to get on it and to please get them off my back. My neighbor also wants me to get my garage professionally cleaned. My agent is working on that with the association too... It seems like this will never be done...

 February memories to come!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December recap

 I've done a year of these monthly updates. I think this is a great idea to keep up with blogging. I'll certainly continue this in the new year.

 Its been an interesting year. Two people I know passed away. I technically went to both funerals since someone did Facebook live at one of them. My mom ended up in the hospital twice. And on and on.

 Bare with me this month, as not all the photos I took could be downloaded off my phone. I got a few though!

 The month began with getting some great health news. The lesions in my spleen have actually shrunk since a CT-scan from 6 years ago! No bone marrow biopsy is needed! Yippeeee! In fact, the hematologist/oncologist isn't sure it's even Lymphoma! I was told the major symptoms of this terrible disease and was told to let my primary doctor know if I have them so that she can refer me over again. Otherwise, I don't need to see this specialist again!

 I literally spent a day recovering after Mom was released from the hospital since I spent many hours awake over the few days she was there. MANY. Mom is doing fine.

 My insurance company also closed out the claim against me and found me not liable for last year's garage fire. I knew that. BUT, the Southern California rains began, which meant the smoke in the walls began to come up again and stink. My neighbor now wants to redo all her cleaning in her garage. We'll see what happens here. Sigh....

 I sold 40 of my handmade Christmas gift tags! I'm happy to say that all that are left are my not-so-nice ones, which I can possibly use. They may get tossed, but I'll figure that out. I was just happy to sell almost all of them!

 I saw the usual Christmas lights this month also. There are some neat ones in the area I live in. The city I live in has a cute area that decorates their trees in something called Sparkle Balls. It's really fun to see. Also, historic Old Towne Orange has a fun neighborhood called Pine Street where all the neighbors do a fantastic job decorating their houses this time of year. I also saw the Eagle Hills neighborhood by me, which is super fun, but can get crowded this time of year.

 A former neighbor/friend's mom also died this month. Another neighbor/friend and I went to the funeral together. We knew we needed to.

My friend/neighbor wanted a picture after her mom's funeral. I normally wouldn't take selfies at a funeral. 

 I also got a chance to see my friend Debra, who had the major heart attack in October. It was super sad. She's in a transitional care facility and is still on a ventilator. She's getting frustrated because no one can understand her and actually tried to yank the ventilator out. (Her brother told me they're apparently going to try to wean her from the vent shortly.) They restrained her, which made it even more sad and made her unable to write, which would have probably made her less frustrated.

 My association also held their annual Christmas party. It was nice to get together with the neighbors and had a more peaceful ending than last year's, where someone was drunk and yelled at someone else. Fun stuff here....

Christmas came and went. I started the day going to church with my mom. It was a nice day.

The dog got me a gift. Lol

And I had plumbing problems again, which in turn started a project around here. Fun stuff!

 Twelve months of updates. The year is out!