Thursday, June 22, 2017

April showers bring....

 April was an interesting month. It was good in many ways, yet sad in others. It included fewer photos because I had to delete a lot to make room in my phone. And it also had no showers....

 I went to see my friend Debra this month. Debra had a major heart attack in October and has not been the same since. It was sad to see in person. People had been warning me that she probably had a stroke during all this also and only comprehended about 50 percent of everything. I'd say that was accurate. She also kept asking me to kill her. I told her no, that I didn't want to go to jail. Very sad. I knew then that it was probably time to not visit again.

 My sister turned 45. I texted her on her birthday to wish her a happy birthday and got no response back. Also very sad.

 My kitchen ceiling also decided to rain. My upstairs neighbors had an unintentional flood, which rained through my ceiling. Fortunately, the damage is small and the owner of the unit is a decent guy.

 And now, some good...

 I got a new job! I went through a temp agency and got a long-term temp job with a bank. I'll start in early to mid May, since they have to wait for my background check to come back.

 I got a new haircut-and an undercut. I did some unintentional damage to my hair when I decided to cut out some dry ends myself. I looked at some examples of my hairdresser's work on Instagram and asked him to do an undercut, which turned out so awesome!

Easter meant trying something for our family dessert. It looked weird but tasted fine in the end. My mom only wanted strawberries with any dessert I made, which limited the amount of fruit I could use in these Pinterest skewers.

 A Hispanic market opened up in the city my parents lived in, so I tried it on my way home from seeing Debra. They had some cool stuff, but it won't be a place that I'll be at every week. It will probably be for just special occasions.

 And that, folks, was my April.