Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 reflections... "GET"

 When I look back at this year and the One Little Word I chose for this year at the end of last, I am grateful. Grateful for lots of things, actually. My word for 2013 was GET.

 What did I GET this year?

-I chose to GET volunteerism by volunteering with a rescue where I learned grant writing.  I highly recommend anyone going through career transition to volunteer to find opportunities to learn new skills and hone other skills. And of course I fostered Biscuit, Rosco and Lucy for a few weeks. Even though Basset Hounds are very sweet dogs, they howl. LOUDLY. My neighbors are happy that I won't be fostering them anymore.

-I chose to ramp up my dating life to GET more dates. An acquaintance of mine found his girlfriend on OkCupid.com and suggested I try it out, even though I'm not exactly thin. I certainly ramped things up. If you want to date more, I highly suggest that site since it's free. Granted, some of the men were not exactly quality, but it got me out more to live life.

-I learned that some of my career choices have helped GET open doors after all. I really have to get a full-time job in 2014. It's heartening to see that my choice to freelance for the papers I have and also garner public relations skills has given me the opportunity to interview for some great paying jobs. Here's to getting one in 2014!

-I learned that I don't GET my family sometimes, and that's okay. I've had some run-ins with members of my family this year. Sad but true. Even though looking back I should have ignored these folks, their time had come to be confronted. It's sad to say, but family isn't always family. I can see though that I'm going to have to work on forgiving one family member in 2014.

So here's to 2014. Whatever challenges may come my way, whatever happiness, I embrace it.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas fun!

 I've decided I'm not going to post negative here on this blog anymore unless absolutely necessary. Which means, I'll only tell you about Christmas Eve because it was positive.

 My family went to my parents church on Christmas Eve. My sister was in town, so we all went to Christmas Eve services. Then, we had Chinese food for dinner.

 Egg rolls are awesome! Especially from this one Chinese restaurant by my parents house!

The dog was not part of Christmas Eve dinner. Please note....

And that was the positive part of Christmas.... 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday merriment

 After all the negative, I wanted to post something positive. Yaaay!

 I love Christmas lights. I love creative Christmas scenery the best. This is one of the reasons why I like the city I live in. They have a wonderful display called Sparkle Balls that hangs from eucalyptus trees each year on a neighborhood street. The neighbors literally make them each year from Christmas lights out of a box and form them into balls to hang from their front yard trees. It's truly a pretty sight-which I can never get a decent picture of!

  I love seeing this street (and now the surrounding blocks) every year since being told about this street. It's a great thing to see neighbors come together to create something so beautiful.

And then, there's a tacky development that puts ginormous Santas on their front lawns and zillions of cars inhabit it each December, telling the impatient to turn their cars around each year and come at an earlier time.

 Yeah, it's festive, but it's bigger than the damn house... I call that scary Santa. What if scary Santa blows away? Would people be scared of scary, ginormous Santa?

And the grand finale is a tree of lights that sits atop a medical building in the city I was born in. My grandparents used to live fairly close to it, which meant we always had to go past it at Christmas with my mom saying to my sister and I, "Look, girls! It's a Christmas tree! Isn't it pretty?"

 Yes it is, Mom. Yes, it is. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Downtown Disney

 So my friend David and his family came to Southern California for Thanksgiving, which meant that I got to see my dear friend who now lives in Memphis! I tried to think where we could go for a day out and decided on Downtown Disney. Parking is free for up to 3 hours and you otherwise don't pay to enter it. Score!

 David offered to buy lunch when it came that time, so he wanted to check out the prices of some of the restaurants at Downtown Disney. After he stopped having a heart attack after looking at one menu, I told him that prices would drop in half if we went outside of Downtown Disney for lunch. We tried The Block of Orange Outlet Mall, which was packed. At that point, I told him we needed to drive a little ways down the road to Old Town Orange to Watson's Drug Store and Soda Fountain. This 114-year-old establishment is cute. We also had no issue finding parking and the prices were indeed much less than at Downtown Disney! 

 It was nice seeing my dear friend and hope I can see him again soon. 

Rough around the edges

 I'll admit that this Thanksgiving was rough in some ways. I spent the day just with my parents, as is common now and made the corn bread stuffing recipe I first made last year, which was enjoyed. 

The cornbread stuffing

 It wasn't rough because my parents are aging. That's a part of life. I think it was rougher than usual because my family just doesn't seem to care about each other. I sent an email to my aunt wishing her and my uncle up North a Happy Thanksgiving and was ignored. She hasn't switched email addresses as far as I know and the email went through. I think I was ignored because of an opinion I told my mom, which she shared with my aunt. Oh well, it happens. I just thought it was sad. I certainly didn't mean to start anything and am sad my own aunt chose to ignore me. 

 Sometimes though, you have to remember that family isn't blood always. It's who you choose to have in your life.