Sunday, June 28, 2015

I got the music in me....

 Sunday started out eventfully-literally. The city I live in had a music festival even though it was blazing hot outside. So, I went to an inside location that I thought I'd be out of in two seconds (It featured organ music). I was pleasantly surprised!

The auditorium I went to is almost 100 years old and has the beautiful mural on a side wall. It was covered up for ages (probably because it featured Hispanics) and was restored probably 20 years ago. 
 I also had dinner with my parents and got my dad beer for a Father's Day gift. :)

 Monday meant work again. I had a discussion with the doctor I saw Friday and she wants me to have an ultrasound. Not fun, but I see her point. She wants to make sure I don't have more cysts ready to go.

 Tuesday meant more work, and I went to my group again. I realized that night that my anxiety related to work was out of control. I need to do something about it.

 Wednesday meant more work. I realized other things about my anxiety that day. It may be related to some medication I take for my pituitary adenoma.

 Thursday meant even more work.

 Friday was a good day at work. My cousin apparently had her baby at midnight, but when I went on Facebook that evening (roughly 18 hours later), I saw nothing on either my cousin's page or her husband's page. I messaged another of my cousins (the aunt of the baby) to see if maybe my mom got the phone message wrong and was also met with radio silence. And this cousin hopped a flight with her little guy to see her sister and new niece...

 Saturday meant working a few hours. My friend Alex's daughter turned 5 and he invited me to the party. I had fun getting her an outfit at Target as a gift. :) Alex's sister did a good job organizing everything for her niece. (Dad gave me permission to share online. I don't share kid photos anymore online unless I ask parents permission first.)

A tulle skirt for the 4th of July.

 My week in a nutshell. I'm hoping my cousin's baby is all right also. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nuttin' much....

 This week began on a low key note. I think that working on Saturdays tires me out, so I stay low-key on Sundays. And there were also no pictures.

 I had a break this week from parent grocery shopping. My dad agreed that the break was fine, saying that if they ran out of something that he'd just drive to the store that's close to them. Fair enough. I also got some cleaning done and spoke to my uncle on the phone for a little while. He asked for a favor.

 Monday meant work, of course. Payday! Yay! I also realized I did indeed need to see my parents due to a mistake I made, so I called my mom to say I was coming over the next day for free dinner. :)

 Tuesday meant more work. I got frustrated at work when I got a report back showing some errors I made. Since literally a zillion hands are in files from start to finish, I think I didn't make some of these mistakes.  I had dinner with my parents that evening and paid them back some money they were owed. I also resolved something with a relative. That felt good to get out of the way.

 Wednesday was a frustrating day at work. Let's just leave it at that.

 Thursday ended up being embarrassing at work. Let's just leave it at that. I began having pain that evening after getting off work that continued through the night.(It wasn't a panic attack in case you were wondering... This was legitimate pain...)

 Friday morning brought more pain, so I called work and got an emergency appointment at the doctor's. Sweet doctor who had me do a ton of blood work. I'd go back to see her in a heartbeat. It ended up being an ovarian cyst. I don't ever want one again!

 The pain subsided Saturday when the cyst, um, passed.... I made plans with my neighbor to see my city's Day of Music. I also spoke with my upstairs neighbors because they need to use my patio outlet for something. Dad also said he'll do more grocery shopping again! Yay!

 Boring week! I hope next week is more (positively) eventful! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hospitals, good news and PITA stuff....

 I started off the week on a good note. My former boss did some pro-bono public relations work for a local art event. She invited me to go, so I did. It was good to see her and fun to look at some of the different booths that had really creative art. I bought a really cute necklace there.

This was super cool. They were plates, saucers and cups adhered together to look like flowers. 

 And, of course, I grocery shopped for my parents... We're going on a month for that one! Mom's orthopedic specialist's appointment is this week.

 Monday meant work, of course. I also went to a doctor's appointment after work. It was nothing serious, according to the doctor. Yaaaay....

 Tuesday meant trying a different route to go to a non-medical appointment after work. It didn't take me 45 minutes to go across the city! Yay!

 I had varying emotions Wednesday night with the same pile of mail I got out of my box. First of all, I was a little peeved that I got a postcard that said the last portion of my cousin's baby gift has apparently arrived at my local post office. They couldn't just leave the box on my porch? I have to literally drive to my post office to pick it up? It's a book! What a pain! But, I was happy because I also got a letter in the mail from my work's retirement plan. I can apparently sign up for it in a few weeks! This must mean I've passed probation or am close to doing so?

 We got an announcement at work on Thursday that the company's annual meeting will be held at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney! We also may be going to Disneyland afterwords! There will also be a really good auction at the meeting too, with free tickets!

 Mom also had her orthopedic specialist appointment on Thursday. It's a hairline fracture in her knee, so the grocery shopping will continue for the near future.... She has to have an MRI and can't be walking around for a good month.

 I ran into my uncle Friday during my lunch break. He apparently works two buildings away from me! I also got some terrible news after work about the wife of a family member who apparently had a stroke and a brain bleed. I called her husband (my cousin) that evening and spoke to him.

 I also switched my work schedule around so that I could go to a doctor's appointment that day. Everything stayed the same and I'm good for the next few months.

 Saturday meant more work. I think I might have done too much work, but we'll see. I wanted to drop a book off afterwords to the relative whose wife had the brain bleed. He told me to drop it off to him at the hospital, so I went to see him and his wife. The hospital was fortunately fairly close to my work. She's in a medically induced coma now, which I've never seen in action. It nearly spooked me out when she responded to me when I told her hello! That's a very sad situation though that the Lord needs to step in and do something about.

 And so, my week....

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Extreme Grocery Shopping

 This week began with church and the now typical grocery shopping trip for my parents. I've been doing this now for three weeks and am starting to be amazed that two people get so much stuff at the store each week! The checker was even amazed when she saw how much was on the list. I guess it's not just me!  I started having giddy thoughts when I saw the grocery delivery van as I parked the car. After all, the first delivery is free of charge....

To make the time go by faster during the hour and-a-half at the store, I texted back and forth with a friend who is also doing a lot of the shopping for her elderly parents, telling her the "questionable" items I was getting and laughing about it when she'd text me back something funny.

 I had dinner with my parents also. I could tell they really wanted me to last week, so I did it this week.

 Work was almost uneventful on Monday-ALMOST.  My boss is really not that bad, but when I emailed her with something, her mood got me going. She completely misread my email and then got mad at me about it.

 I needed to de-stress after work, so I sat out by the pool journaling. I talked to one neighbor. I also brought my camera out to see what sunset shots I could get.

 Tuesday was uneventful at work. I went to an appointment afterwords. It still amazes me that it takes me so long to get from one end of the city to the other. I also made an appointment with my friend the eye doctor for Saturday for contacts again. Yay!

 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday also meant more work. My boss began to get normal again by Wednesday.... A long-time friend also texted me Thursday evening to let me know his grandmother died. I asked him jokingly when we spoke later that evening how many family deaths we've been through together. Quite a few! My parents 45th anniversary was on Friday. They got take out Black Angus for their special night. :)

 I went to the eye doctor Saturday. Contacts again! Yay! It's also good to know that my adenoma isn't affecting my vision. I went to work afterwords for a few hours and then decided to take a trek to see the ocean. I went down the freeway to Dana Point and discovered when I stopped in San Juan Capistrano that my camera battery was dead... Great....

 And so, my week in a nut shell....