Tuesday, March 29, 2011

darkening the doors of this blog.....

 I haven't written on here in a few weeks now! I guess I should update this thing!

 My month has been buzzing along, mostly because I'm busy. I started back up with my freelancing gig again. Here is my page. Since my articles kinda, well, don't fall in the range of community issues (Very few at best! Give it up to living in conservative Orange County!), I've applied for an additional title where hopefully I could go to lots of museums and write about that on a frequent basis. Getting into museums for free sounds good to me! I'm also investigating freelancing for other sites.

 I'm also dealing with a miserable tooth issue now. I mean miserable. My face is swollen on one side and I can barely open my mouth. That's how miserable I am. It truly sucks! When I called the dentist's office Monday to get in, I was jokingly told I picked a good week to have this happen, because he's on vacation! Ugh! The emergency dentist that they sent me to is actually a specialist (an endodontist-doesn't the man have a backup of a regular dentist???), and even he could not open my mouth enough to look in. So, I'm on Amoxicillin three times a day until Friday, when hopefully I don't look like a chipmunk and I can avoid a root canal. He thinks I may need one though. :(

 And so, that is the excitement that is known as my life. Stay tuned for more exciting updates! I promise to update more often!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

update for February

 Where did the month go?

 February went really quickly but had a few memorable moments. One memorable one was going out with my friend Chris (see picture above...) one evening to Pechanga super duper late. We left late and got home at 4 in the morning! Dang! You would think we are still 21. :) It was fun though and we did win, so we were happy.
 My mom also had a birthday that we celebrated. Otherwise, the month was spent just simply living.
 I hope to have more to report for March. :)