Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Energy blahs

 I don't know what's going on this week, but I feel...blech.

 I have a better name for it though. I like to call it the "energy blahs." I feel "blah" and I have no energy. There.

  I don't like it. I feel zapped of energy and am not getting things done. Blah.

  I think this is probably happening due to my period coming in a few days. I know that when I started the round of endocrinologists last year, the first one told me after looking at some blood work that my estrogen dropped lower than normal (for the average woman) before my periods. I've read that can mean fatigue and no concentration levels. Blah...

 There is positive news from this week though. A company that I had a phone interview with asked to see samples of my work before calling me in for an actual interview in the office. Wahooo! Aaaaand, I pick up my computer tomorrow from the computer hospital to bring home! Picture capabilities again. Yayyyyy!

 I guess the energy blahs pale in comparison. :)

Friday, April 26, 2013


 I get excited over the simple things. Really, I do. Including trips to the middle of nowhere.

 My friend Chris invited me to go with her and her family to Nebraska next year-yes, 2014. My dad was born in the town she's going to, so she knew I'd be happy to go with her.

 It has been FOREVER since I've taken a vacation, so I'm excited-even though it will be to a podunk town in Nebraska. Did I mention it has been forever since I've taken a vacation?

 I actually looked up the town and was surprised to see that they had a visitors bureau. Dorky me sent away for some information. They have some interesting places to see, in addition to the important family related sites I want to see.

 Chris is talking about a driving trip from California to Nebraska. Our families may be taking the trip together, which will be fun but also means I ain't travelling in the same car with her. :)

 Some of the places I want to see while back there include portions of the Oregon Trail. Apparently it runs right by this town. I'd also like to see some sites in Colorado.

 It's fun to plan this out. I'm actually going on vacation again!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yay for computer access!

 I still have computer issues (unfortunately...), so I finally asked my mom if I could borrow her laptop until they get resolved. And here I sit! Yay for non-public computer access and free Wi-Fi at Panera Bread!

 Updates are coming!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fun stuff :(

 To say it hasn't been the most pleasant week would be an understatement.

 First of all, I'm getting over a cold that seems to have affected friends and relatives of mine near and far.  Robyn had the same cold. A cousin who lives an hour away from me also got it.

 My computer also decided to quit working yesterday. (I'm typing this at my local library.) The electric company did a planned power outage yesterday, and even though I have power surge protectors and the like, the computer decided to not turn on after the electric company turned the power back on. It will be fixed tomorrow. The library is a nice resource, but I miss my home computer! Plus, I'm missing time looking for a job, as my resume, cover letter and record of where I've searched is on said computer.

 And so, that's what has been happening with me this week. It's not catastrophic by any mean but still isn't fun.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter greetings

 Happy Easter to all!

 My day started out going to Sunrise Service with my small group bible study. As one of the leaders said later on Facebook, "He is risen, and miraculously, so has my family!" Amen. Lol.

 I handled the dessert this year for Easter, which were cupcakes with Peeps on top. Peeps rock! :)

 My goal was to be all Martha-like and have perfectly rounded borders of green and yellow. Obviously I didn't succeed. :) My family liked them though. :)

 A local Web site is holding their traditional adult egg hunt this week, which gives fantastic prizes. I was invited to be an egg hider again this year, which is always fun. I can hide pretty well, apparently, which is why I get to hide the harder ones. :)

 I hope you all had a nice Easter too.