Friday, March 4, 2016

February recap...

 I figured out how to download photos. Wahoo! So excited to use my camera phone photos on blog posts now!

 February started out on a depressing note when I got laid off on the 1st. I was happy to get a job offer three weeks later though. Almost everyone in our section was laid off. We saw it coming so it was no shock. We've almost all become Facebook friends, so it'll be interesting to see when everyone else gets their next jobs. I can tell you that I felt for a little while that God knew I wasn't going to be there longer than a year, so I feel weirdly at peace about this. God knows what I need and will sustain me.

 My dad's cousin's funeral was the same week as the layoff. I joked with someone that I had quite the week-first I get laid off then I had to go to a funeral. Fortunately the rest of the month was much less depressing. :) The funeral was held in a chapel that my dad's cousin and his wife managed for their business at one time, so it was cool to see the upgrades that the new owner made.

My cousin trying to photo bomb me in the reception room :) 

I took my dad to the funeral and was happy to see almost 30 of my relatives after at the get-together. I snapped this photo of a second cousin's little girl playing Minecraft because my dad got a kick out of her being so technologically astute. I had to explain to Dad that all 6-year-olds are now....

 I was able to plan things out early since I had a feeling I was going to get laid off. Because of that, I've been doing free stuff once a week to get out of the house. It's actually quite relaxing.

 The first week I went to the LA County Natural History Museum. They have a free day once a month. The architecture was gorgeous and the nature garden they now have was quite peaceful to sit in for a little bit. It's not in that great of an area though, so I had a missing hubcap when I got back to their SECURED parking lot. :(

 The next place I went was Griffith Observatory. Also eternally free unless you go to their Planetarium show. What beautiful architecture they have-and also a fantastic view of all of Los Angeles!

  Everything was still on the car leaving that parking lot. :) I can't begin to say how architecturally fun this place is. I loved, loved, loved taking photos of it.

 The next place I went was the Getty Villa. Also free. :) This place is interesting. They've done a fantastic job restoring it, so it really looks beautiful. The artwork here is stunning. A wonderful FREE tourist spot-minus the parking.

 My church had their conference the next week.

 We also celebrated Mom's birthday this month. That's deer steak, folks. It was pretty good.

I was fortunate enough to realize I needed to plan out enough in advance to pick up her gift before getting laid off.

 The garage is almost done! I have a garage door and plaster will be coming soon! Eeek! I've never been so happy about anything in all my life! It really is the simple things when the association controls something! What I know for certain is that the fixture that caused the fire was not up to code. The fixture was the association's problem.

 And so, that was my February-for the most part.