Sunday, July 31, 2011

And now.......July

Wow, July is already over.......

 Time is really flying this year, and I am glad that I'm recording it for posterity. I kinda sucked this month though at posterity recording. :)

 I got my hair did, as is evident above. :)

 Of course there was article writing. One thing I like about doing freelance writing is meeting interesting people and doing interesting things. This month was no exception. A couple of things I did this month for my article writing include going to a restaurant that gave free food away to the community and covering a major event in my city. A major event also happened in my city with the police department that I'm going to do some in-depth articles on. I've been formulating this month on how I will approach my topic.

 My nice neighbor is a reporter at the major paper in the area, and he was sweet enough to recommend me to his editor. He told me to e-mail her this past month and ask about freelancing for the paper. I did and she gave me an article to do. The article got turned in and then I had an incident with my camera and the photos for the article are no more. I could have cried. I sucked it up once I realized my mistake and e-mailed the editor and got a curt response. I guess that opportunity is no more.........

 I've also been wondering this month if I need to switch job paths and take a different path with a similar route. Someone who I did an article for this month wants to meet with me today to give me some constructive advice. I'll take it because I need to start moving here and make some more money!

 I felt the pangs of not being a mom this month when my uncle wanted me to play mom taxi service for my 14-year-old cousin. Let's just say she's 14 and leave it at that......

 I went to Bolsa Chica beach this month for my friend Chris's daughter's 15th birthday. My friend has always invited the world to her daughter's birthdays, which is fun.

 And finally, I got some validation this month with something I've been fighting for awhile. It feels good, but it'll still be a fight.

 On to August!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Recapping June

 I haven't been that good this month about calendarizing everything that has happened. So, I'll do the best I can with this month's summary.

 First of all, I heard the Governor of New Mexico speak. She seems good. My parents took me and ohmygawsh, the house that this woman spoke in was kick. ass. Mind you, all the Republicans listening to her were, like, 100 years old, but she was still interesting to listen to.

 I also began writing for another Web site-The Fullertonian! Talk about an ego boost! One of the heads of the site found me on Twitter and liked my work so much so that he invited me aboard. That made me incredibly happy. I'm also doing some other copywriting work for a wedding planning company. God is seriously telling me to pursue this; I know He is. The wedding planning company that I'm doing work for took me to a meeting of the Association of Bridal Consultants. O.M.G. I have never had so much fun doing anything work related! The girl in me squeeled for joy seeing all the wedding stuff. And the location was to die for!

 And then.......Allie graduated from junior high! My sweet little cousin is going into high school! Yikes! It amazed me how short all the girls dresses were at the ceremony.

 I also won a giveaway from this blog. I never win anything from any blog-especially hers! I guess I got lucky this time! She is really good and I love looking at her creations.

 Oh, and I've lost 19.2 pounds so far. Yaaaaaay........

 And that was my month in a nutshell.