Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pituitary weekly-a hairy subject

 It really is a hairy subject.

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 One of the icky things about having an adenoma is that I get facial hair. Thick, black facial hair. I've given many estheticians extra monthly income over the years due to having to be waxed once a month. Laser hair removal won't work, according to one dermatologist I saw about it, until the hormonal aspect is under control. Therefore, I wax....

 I've been made fun of by family for this issue many times. They acted as if I could control my facial hair and tell it to go away and never return! I remember one time in particular about 5 years ago when my sister called me after seeing me the night before to tell me how horrible my facial hair looked. (Never mind that she brought her drunk boyfriend to dinner to introduce him to us and my mother kicked him out of the house...) I was done right then. I was done being nice to someone related to me who could be so cruel about something that I tried hard to control.

 My half Mediterranean genes don't help much here either. Another Mediterranean person with the same hairy issue as me was joking that we should just blame our genetic makeup, as we all get hairy. As much as me?

 That's why I wanted to hug the breast surgeon in 2012 after she mentioned the words pituitary adenoma. I was smiling as I Googled them that evening. You can have bad facial hair with them! Yay! There is hope!

 I can't even begin to tell you the psychological crap that has come from bad facial hair-that has also spread to my arms now, by the way. And not just with my family, by the way. It really makes you want to have primary doctors be better educated about all this instead of wondering if people think you have a beard. This is a serious problem.

 Therefore, I wax....