Wednesday, May 25, 2011

humble pie?

 Like I had mentioned in a previous post, I told a relation that their child was on Myspace representing themselves as an adult. I thought I was overstepping my bounds by telling them and thought for certain that the parents were dumb asses who weren't watching their kid. I was wrong on both accounts-sort of.

 I'm sure that said dad wanted to kill his child when he got my e-mail. He profusely thanked me though and told me that I totally wasn't overstepping my bounds, that as parents he and his wife needed to know these things. Then, a friend of mine who considers her nieces her daughters was telling me that she didn't know where her niece's college graduation was going to be on her campus (several majors were graduating the same day). The niece wasn't able to give her some information, and I mentioned that she needed to look on the school's Web site.

 Both incidents showed me something.

 First, I need to find a man and get crackin'. :) I totally have the makings of an overprotective parent!

 Really though, this showed me that no parent is perfect. My relation with the teenage Myspacer is a good dad who really tries his best. Does he need to realize that the internet is an integral part of the lives of teenagers today? Heck yes! Do all parents need to realize this? Yes.

 I remembered hearing somewhere that children need to only have access to one computer in the house-in a public, well traveled area. I totally agree with this. Also, parents need to have access to their teenagers passwords to Myspace, Facebook, Twitter,  and whatevertheheckelseisoutthere. Finally, parents should  Google their kids. Yes, I'm psycho. What can't Google tell you though?

 So anyway, in my perfection, I forgot to eat some humble pie when discussing how other folks parent their kids. I need to also remember that no one is perfect. That we all make mistakes. Still though....

 Google your teenagers! They'll thank you when they turn 25!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do we REALLY need to know all that??

I love Facebook. It's one of the greatest inventions ever. I am thoroughly convinced of that. However, some people's judgment of posting about their lives makes me wonder one thing.

Really?? Do we really need to know all that??

I got to thinking about this subject the other day because some acquaintances of mine became parents, and Dad literally kept everyone abreast of all the developments on the baby's impending arrival-on Facebook. From the time Mom went in to be induced until the baby arrived, we knew everything! Think I'm lying? The status updates went down something like this:

  • 9 AM-Picture of Mom standing sideways along with a caption: "On our way to the hospital to get induced!"
  • 10 AM-"It took a few attempts to get the IV in, but the Pitocin is going! Back to my book!" (Could men even handle labor if we had the choice to hand pregnancy over to them??)
  • 11 AM-"The epidural started, incident free!" (Are there incidents with epidurals??)
  • 1 PM-"The doctor just broke the water. Progress!"
  • 3PM-A post on Dad's Wall from his SIL. "It's been an hour. Is the kid going to make his appearance soon??" (Dad left a comment and said Mom was at a 5.)
  • 4PM-"At a 10! Very close!"
  • 5 PM-"The baby was born at 4:05 PM, eight pounds, twenty-one inches. There is a God, and today, I saw His handiwork." (Awww. That had me smiling.:) )
 This is the wonder of Facebook. This is the good of Facebook. For times like this, it's a great thing. It's short and sweet. What they did was fine. Just fine. Can you imagine the possibilities though of posting major life events on Facebook besides childbirth? Here are some funky ideas:

  • At the altar: This couple literally changed their Facebook status at the altar! That's kind of cute, but if only the groom planned to do this and didn't tell the bride, I as a bride would have been thinking, "Give me that phone!" Oh yeah, he Tweeted at the altar too!
  • Updating your status while delivering: Above person is the second person I've known to update the world about their childbirth. But, can you imagine that if women were literally texting while giving birth? If a couple can update their Facebook status while at the altar, anything is possible!
  • Updating your status while doing a li'l sumptin' sumptin': People really stop having sex to check their FB statuses?? Apparently so!
  • Updating your status while in a fist fight: If people do it at the altar, while delivering and while having sex, this is possible too!
 Gotta love social media!

Monday, May 23, 2011

What a find!

 I was really sad to see my nice neighbors move, but not sad that they left this!

 These people had the best style and taste. Their home was impeccably decorated. They even decorated the area by the stairs with this nice pot and a big silk plant inside of it.  When they moved, they left this, along with the silk plant. I'm not a fan of silk plants, so I left that and took this. :)

 And now, I need to figure out what to put in this thing!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally, some school spirit!

 I covered an event last night at the university I graduated from, and I must say I was shocked!

 Granted, people running in their underwear through a school is pretty shocking, but that's not what I was shocked about.

 I was shocked that some college students are trying to create memories for others at this commuter school. And I really must say, yay for them!

 College was an interesting time for me. I am of course grateful for the opportunity, but felt a lot of anger, resentment and depression during that time. I lived at home for some of the time, and I always felt abnormal because of that. Friends went away to college. My sister went away to college. My cousins went away to college. Not me. Granted that it was my choice (in some ways) to live at home, so I can't blame anyone for this.

 Of course, I made friends and got involved on my school newspaper. There was just never any school spirit at this university though. There was never anything to participate in that didn't involve fraternities and sororities. That's why I was smiling last night as I covered this event and laughed as a guy gave me a high five as he walked away from the fountain that all the drunk college kids were standing in. Finally! Something to bring the students together!

 I thought about whether I would have participated in something like this when I went to this school. Granted, I was thinner then than I am now, but I probably wouldn't have felt comfortable wearing a bra and underpants while running through campus. And honestly, it really was all skinny people who participated last night. I asked a clothed guy standing on the sidelines why he didn't participate, and he patted his stomache and said, "too big." Oh heck! Even Sasquatch participated! :)

 It's nice to live vicariously through others, isn't it? :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

my shopping prowess (and other thoughts of the day).....

 So my friend Alex's daughter turned one a few weeks ago, and her party was today. Mom told me that summer clothes would be a perfect gift after I asked what size she wore, and being the frugalista that I am-I went to Ross. And how much did I spend, you ask? Well, for her present (which was a cute little dress), I spent less than $10. Go me! Why doesn't everyone shop at Ross for kids clothes?! Gymboree my a$*! Kids grow out of that stuff!

 I guess I take after my mom in that respect, because she once got some clothes for a little girl relative at Target, and the mom of said girl told her how nice the clothes were.

 "They don't look like they're from Target or some cheap place like that," she said.

 I laughed when the mom took pictures of her daughter in said outfits to give to my mom as a thank you....

 Which brings me to another closely related subject. Parenting with intention. Yes, I would like to be a parent and am beginning to think that some people shouldn't have sex and bring lives into the world that way. (Yes, I know there's IVF, gestational carriers, IUI, and on and on. I'm talking about the lazy a#*es who have unprotected sex and bring kids into the world without giving a rats patooty.) Why do I say this?

 A nearby minor relation's parents are simply shocking me. Their heads are in the sand on so many levels.

 Without getting into details or family dynamics, let's just say that I unintentionally know more information than they do about their own kid. And that saddens me.

 Said kid is a sweet kid who gets good grades, but Mom and Dad know nothing beyond that. I mean nothing.

 How is it that I knew that this kid was on Facebook and this kid's parents had no idea? How is it that I knew that this kid was on Myspace posing as an 18-year-old and the parents had no idea? (Trust me, this kid isn't that old. In fact, this kid's not old enough to legitemately join Myspace.) How is it that when I inquired about when this kid was graduating from junior high school that the parents had no idea when it was? (Note: I asked them this month. It was easy to find out! Trust me!)

 What would you call this? Typical of parents today? Lazy parenting? Not giving-a-damn parenting? I would really like to know.

 One thing is for certain. I would never be that lax with my children-if I had some, that is. I would love children of my own. I consider them a gift from God. To not know these things is simply outrageous, in my opinion.

 It's a lot easier to shop for clothes for a one-year-old, isn't it?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tales of a dead Facebook friend......

 So I was looking on my Facebook page this morning and saw a name pop up in that column on the left that shows some of your Facebook friends.  This name was unique. Why?

 Said Facebook friend is deader than dead. In fact, this person has been dead over a year.

 This made me realize something. Well, a couple of things........

 First of all, why didn't I delete said dead Facebook friend much sooner? That goes also for the over 90 Facebook friends that he still has! Isn't it nice to know he still has Facebook friends while in the great beyond?

 Second, dear Lord, I am a Facebook friend collector! Am I really one of those people who friend's a zillion folks on Facebook just to be a profile voyeur? Slightly. I do have over 200 of them, after all.....

 Facebook has become wildly popular, in my opinion, because people want to be close to each other. To their hairdresser. To their baby mama's sister-in-law's friend. To that kid in the first grade whom you were friends with. (Real friends, that is.)

 And when they die while on Facebook? Oh good grief. Expect a whole page of comments. They will profess their undying love to you. Family members will be in denial. They will tell you that they should have listened longer when you couldn't shut your mouth while you were alive. They will even post something on the first anniversary of your death.

 Even though you can't read it. Or can you? (One of the great questions of life, I guess.)

 And so, I thought about the ironies of life as I deleted said dead Facebook friend just now. Of course, in many ways, life is one big irony.

 Big ironies. Little ironies. Dead ironies....

 Rest in peace said dead Facebook friend.........

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What an awesome idea!

 As is obvious, I didn't win the contest. Booo. :(

 And last night, I kept thinking, what in the heck can I do for a neat Mother's Day gift for my mom?

 (Note: I normally don't like to share family names, but this movie was just such a cute idea that I made an exception.)

 And so, click the link below and watch. Make one for your own mom too!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I want to win.....I want to win.....I want to win.....I want to win.....I want to win.....

 Yes, it's a funky assed pic of me.

 And it's up on FB for all to see, because I want to win.

 I don't want to win for me, I want to win for my mom.

 I guess it's true that as you get older, you appreciate your mother more. That rings true for me.

 I don't know how to describe my mom without tearing up. She would take the shirt off her own back to help her kids and not think anything of it. When I had my cancer scare last year, she was there and said, "I will not leave you. I will stand by you." And indeed she did. Without faltering, she sat there as the doctor told me that he thought I had Stage 4 lymphoma. She said "Thank you, Jesus!" when the biopsy came back as a harmless hemangioma. She sat there when the doctor also said that my cancer marker tests came back clean. I was in the clear.

 Aw crap, I'm crying!

 Without getting too personal, she has been there these past few years without asking questions. She probably should ask questions, but she doesn't. She just gives of herself.

 And for that, I'm grateful.

 And because of that, I want to win.

 A Web site in the town I live in is having a Mother's Day contest on FB and is giving away a rockin' prize for first place. Second place is nice also. I would really like to win as a way to say thank you to her. And what do you need to do? Let me give you directions:

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Go to the search bar and type in "Inside Fullerton."
  3. When you find Inside Fullerton's Facebook page, go to it.
  4. Like Inside Fullerton's Facebook page.
  5. Go to the photos section of Inside Fullerton's Facebook page. The photos for the contest are in the section titled "Photos and Videos of Inside Fullerton."
  6. Find the funky assed photo of me and my mom above. Like it.
  7. Voila!
 I am trying everything I can to win this. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

 I would just like to do this for her though.

 Would you help me out if you are on Facebook? If you aren't, join! :)

 Thanks in advance!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little pitchers have big ears (and they read blogs too....)

 I'll admit that I use this blog as a journal of sorts.

 Bad idea.

 Journals are private while this is quite public. I am knocking this thought into my brain right now as I type. Journals are private while this is quite public.Journals are private while this is quite public.Journals are private while this is quite public.Journals are private while this is quite public.

 I honestly didn't think anyone in my life (except for a few close friends) read this thing. I didn't really think that anyone in my life really gave a damn to read this thing.My stats would also support this hypothesis. I mean, after all, hardly anyone leaves comments.  Do I have a lot of voyeurs then?

 The answer: apparently so!

 I say this because this blog was used to confront someone about something the other day, and I really wish they would have just spoken to me first instead of playing the "he said, she said (but I can't tell you who)" game that little kids play. Someone got blamed for something that they didn't say, and on and on........

 I will own the responsibility that I shouldn't have made my thoughts so public. I will also own the fact that just because I have this forum doesn't make it right to wax poetic about my thoughts about any subject under the sun. However.....

 Please don't involve me in your bullshit. If you want to know about something that was said, please leave a comment or e-mail me (if you know my e-mail....). I am happy to speak with you. I am happy to save you time and energy you could be using on something positive.

 I hate those friggin "happy happy joy joy" blogs that people write to update everyone on their happy happy joy joy lives. They make me want to gag, because you know that deep down inside there's a sex-crazed, schizophrenic bitch waiting to come out in prose form. (Now that would be a fun blog to read!)

 They are safe though! No one twists your damn words against you! Happy bullshit isn't fun to use against anyone!

 And so, rest assured dear few readers, this blog will not delve into true emotion. This will be strictly about the weight challenged, ADD tendency, freelance journalist that I am working her ass off to make ends meet. Honest emotion? PFFFFT! What's that? Look to the blog of the mom with the bipolar kids to get that because you ain't getting it here! Rest assured though that if it is honest emotion, it will be safe honest emotion!

 I am not perfect. By no stretch of the imagination am I perfect! I fail. I get back up and I try again. I say things I shouldn't say. I am human.

 Yes, I am irked. I am irked because I would hope that as adults (especially adults that have known me for awhile-that I truly like and respect, by the way), you would stop and ask questions. I would hope that I wouldn't be used to create drama.

 And so?

 I would like to know my readers. From the person in Kenya to the person (or people) that I have known for a decade or more, please stop and leave a comment. Tell me who you are. (My stats obviously lie.) If you know me, say hi.


 Edited: Okay, it has been a few days now and have calmed down and see the somewhat stupidity of this post. Somewhat. I will not get into personal BS ever again, and frankly, shouldn't have in the first place. The fact remains though, if you are going to confront someone after reading something, you ask questions. I do. Am I a rarity? You also rise above BS. I certainly would have.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wow. He's dead.......

 Like the rest of the world, I heard the news last night.

 Osama Bin Laden is really dead. Wow.

 It seems hard to believe that it has almost been 10 years since 9-11. Like the rest of the adult world, I remember that day well. I was getting ready for work, and my dad's friend called around 6:30 AM. (I lived with my parents then.) He asked if my dad was awake and I told him to hang on a minute. He was eating breakfast, with the TV on but the sound off (He's hard of hearing. If the sound were on, we would have known by that time.). He rolled his eyes and asked me to lie for him and say he was asleep, not believing that his fellow retired friend would call him so early. Being the good daughter that I am ;), I did, and his friend screamed, "WELL WAKE HIM UP!" He told me what happened, and I was shocked. From that conversation, I seriously thought that the Pentagon had been bombed, and that's exactly what I screamed when I got off the phone with him a second later.


 Of course, the TV was on, so the sound got turned up as we saw the devastation. Laura Bush was on TV by then and looked scared out of her mind as she addressed the nation while her husband got flown around the country. We soon learned that the Pentagon wasn't bombed, but simply had a plane flown into it. (Just as bad......)

 "Wow," my dad said. "I've now been around long enough to witness Pearl Harbor, and now this. Kim, this is another Pearl Harbor."

 I got going to work a little while later, and of course every radio station that I could turn to in the car covered what was happening. No music, just news. I was sitting on the 57 freeway when the second tower went down. My jaw dropped as I moved along in rush hour traffic. When I got to work, my office mate and I just shook our heads as we went about our day. She had a sister who lived right by the Twin Towers and was debating calling her on the company phones even though she knew she shouldn't. I told her that I thought the boss wouldn't mind in this situation. She went ahead, and her sister was fine, but her husband was at work and his company sent people to work in the Twin Towers. She for some reason couldn't get a hold of him. Would she call? She did. He was fine, but sadly enough, they did send someone to Twin Towers that day and did not know if he was alive or dead. We got back to work, and we all crowded around the TV during our breaks. One of the supervisors actually wanted to send people home that day to crouch and hide. We didn't do anything related to national security, so I personally thought that was nuts. We stayed the whole day. During my lunch break, I bought a special copy of The Register, the area's major newspaper.

 I checked my e-mail that day and was wondering if my church was going to do a special prayer service that day, as many churches were doing. No, but they sent an e-mail out telling us that another church in the area was, and gave the times. I personally thought that it was a safety risk to go, which now looking back, I can see was nuts. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is safety. I can't think of a better place to go out, either!

 I got home that day, and of course was glued to the TV, as were my parents. The week went along, and I ended up going out with a friend for her birthday that weekend. We were near an outdoor mall, which had a candlelight vigil going.

 I was shocked when I went to church Sunday and the assistant pastor (who was from England) gave the message, and actually said that we as Americans were too worried about ourselves! What?? I walked out because of this and sent an e-mail the next day. Did you really say that? Yes, he did. He actually e-mailed me the text of his message, and there it was-in black and white. He was shocked that I was upset over his remarks. After all, there was an American flag up front and we sang God Bless America. Oh, and the head pastor even bawled hysterically before the assistant pastor gave his message. What was wrong? Needless to say, I never went back to this church again. This church has shrunk so much since then and has gone through three meeting places and many pastoral changes. It's really quite sad.

 This country is not the same since that day. Heck, just look at our airlines as an example of that. I remember flying to Memphis a year and-a-half later, and my eyes nearly bulged out of my head when I heard the pilot come on the intercom welcoming everyone. I believe the pilot's name was Habib. Needless to say though, I got there in one piece since I'm writing you today. :)

 A friend of mine posted an interesting take today of last night's news on FB today. She quoted Proverbs 21:15 today and said we should rejoice instead in justice prevailing, not the death. Honestly, I'm happy myself about justice prevailing. I personally thought we should have taken him alive and made him suffer, just as the people did ten years ago. That probably wasn't possible though.

 God bless this awesome country, and may she continuously stay safe from evildoers.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recapping April

I am so glad that I am doing these updates! They really help me pause and reflect on the month that has passed.

 I was still doing my freelancing this month and did some nice articles, which included the YWCA helping low-income girls get prom dresses for free. My major story for the month was reporting on that poor woman Marilyn Davenport, who had a prayer vigil at her house-unbeknownst to her. That situation alone should teach everyone to be careful what e-mail you send others.

 I unfortunately got into it with a family member this month that was downright cruel. This is no shock, unfortunately, and I hate to say it, but I am done with them. A second family member also mentioned that she agreed with the first family member, but I can't be done with that person. I can limit my time with them though. And what was this all over, you wonder? A skin issue I'm having that I am going to see the dermatologist for Tuesday. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

 I had some fun this month, which included participating in an adult easter egg hunt! A Web site in the city I live in held that, and it was awesome. They hid plastic easter eggs all over the city, and I found two and-a-half. (I say half because these nice women found the last one when I was in the same spot and took half of the prize and gave me the other half, which were passes to the local museum. Nice!) The other two (that I did find, LOL) were gift certificates to the local gelato shop and one to a local gourmet food truck.

 I also had my last three wisdom teeth taken out. Fuuun stuff. That knocked me out for a good few days. I now have to inject the sites with a syringe to prevent dry socket. I hear that is no fun, so I'll do whatever I can to avoid that!

 And finally, I decided to get back to losing weight again. I don't even want to get into how much weight I've gained over the past year! I had been thinking about Weight Watchers and was hesitant, because I think I need more than that. This program had helped me lose 86 pounds (I laughed though about the prestigious medical centers hoopla listed on the Web site. The first place I went to for this program is just a part of the local medical group that is part of the hospital in my city. The second place, which is in the opposite end of the county, is connected to a medical school, so okay....), and they just sent out a letter in the area saying that they are starting a restart weight loss class again in a few weeks. I called a few days ago and am going to meet with the dietitian running the class tomorrow.

 Here's to health in May!