Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The stuff California kids dream of

 I wanted a pool when I was a little kid.

 It just seemed right being the native Californian that I am. After all, some friends parents had pools. And that was cool.  Nah though, my parents said. Even though their backyard could absolutely handle a pool, they didn't want one. I remember once when they considered moving that they found a house with a pool and my dad said the unthinkable.

 "We can fill it in if we buy it."


 And I was in 7th heaven when I moved to my condo. Other places I had lived as an adult had no pool. That is, until now....

 Houston, we have a pool!

 I was in the pool constantly the first summer I lived at this complex. I remember joking with my sister that I have my pool, life is complete!

 Forget the spa, even though it's nice if you want to kick back with a beer......

 Forget the spa, but leave the pool! These three months of the year where I can actually use an unheated heated pool are great! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gathering of the Crosses

 The cul de sac behind my parents house is pretty active. At one time they held New Year's Eve parties (they may still-I don't know as I don't live one street away anymore :) ). A house on that cul de sac is also very active each Memorial Day weekend. It's a wonderful tradition called The Gathering of the Crosses.

 The Gathering of the Crosses is literally crosses showing how many soldiers from Orange County have been killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan since we invaded both countries. A picture of each soldier killed in action is placed on each cross with other information, including the city they were from.

 Since I had dinner with my parents yesterday, I decided to go with my dad yesterday on his evening walk  with their dog to show him this display. He enjoyed it, of course. I, too, love it when people make the effort to do something unique to show respect to this country.

 And Honey was respectful. :)


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Technology issues

My desk has looked like this for the past month. My mom's laptop sits in front of my nice new monitor. It's frustrating, because it seems as if one thing isn't wrong with my computer, it's something else.

 My personal computer is 7 years old, so I know it's time to think about upgrading. I've honestly never had problems with it though before now. Edison did a planned power outage in my general area last month, and dummy me didn't unplug my computer while that was going on. My old power surge protector didn't protect the computer when the power turned back on, so that meant a new power supply.

 And motherboard decided to poop out. :( At first I thought it was just my old, antiquated monitor dying on me. My nice new monitor proved otherwise. The new motherboard is on its way. Love EBay....

 Once that's installed though, I don't want anymore issues until I'm ready to buy a new computer. Please God????

Friday, May 24, 2013

Rebecca's 50th.....

 Rebecca has been a dear friend of mine for almost 12 years. She is a kind, giving, loving person whom I am blessed to have in my life.

 Rebecca had her 50th birthday party at Café Hidalgo, which turned out really nicely. Seeing pictures of myself wasn't so nice, but hey, I guess it was an impetus to lose weight!

  Us long ago :)

 I had to try Sangria at this place. It's obvious I'm not into alcoholic drinks, because this was eh to me.

  Holy crap! Yes, I'm losing weight....

In the back......
Happy Birthday, dear friend! May you have 50 more! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Art with an agenda....

 I'll be up front and tell you that I have a lot of gay neighbors. Probably 20. I live in a condominium complex and probably have an unusual ratio of gay-to-straight neighbors compared to the average person.

 I'm friends with 2 gay couples here. I've shared many a beer with Sally and her partner Deanne and was touched beyond belief when my neighbor Jerry gave me one of the scarves he knitted a few Christmases ago. I consider these people good friends.

 With that being said, I am a practicing Christian who would not practice this lifestyle. I don't hate anyone for doing so but follow God's word on the matter.

 The gay lifestyle doesn't phase me anymore though since I moved into this complex 7 years ago, which is why I was fine with going to a local art show that I covered for a Web site I freelance write for. I will admit that I probably would have boycotted this show at one time in my life due to my religious beliefs. I'll say it again-The lifestyle doesn't phase me anymore.

 The show was called "Art with an Agenda" and was art work for marriage equality. The artwork was great quality and even included a piece from the woman who played Cindy Brady on the Brady Bunch. (I thought of you, Robyn, when I saw her piece!)

 Enjoy the photos and feel free to respectfully comment:

The Cindy Brady portrait, Robyn :) 

Mylai's baby shower

 This is the year for babies, it seems, as I know 11 couples having them this year. You'd think I'd be at Babies R Us every 5 seconds as a result, but surprisingly am not. And then, there was Mylai's baby shower....

 I've known Mylai and her husband Darien for over 10 years now and was happy to go to her baby shower last weekend. I totally can't believe I've known them long enough to see them get married and have their first kid.

 The shower was held at Mylai's friend's house at the other end of the county. Cute house, but the room that the shower was in couldn't have been hotter. It was so hot that when I opened a bottle of Sprite, it literally went all over me. Talk about embarrassing! I was just glad it was clear liquid....

 For a gift I got 2 cute baby outfits for a great price at Ross and put them in a plain gift bag I decorated. Yay for extra scrapbooking paper! It's fun to shop for baby girl clothes at inexpensive prices. :) Deals are just plain fun.

 It was nice to see Mylai and Darien again. I'll be happy to meet their baby shortly too. Their first kid....