Sunday, August 23, 2015


 I finally got a hold of my sister on Sunday to ask her the questions I needed to. My heart broke as she spoke. It was as if she was transported back to being a little kid when she said she couldn't bear to hear me cry. "Don't cry, Kimmie. Don't cry," she said when she couldn't bear to hear a little bit of crying. While it was sweet, it was sad at the same time. Did I get answers? No. She didn't want to talk about it.

 Monday meant more work. I picked up some dinner and was super tired and conked out. Dinner made me sick-so that night was fun....

 Tuesday was a fun day that started out as a long morning. I wasn't sure I'd make it to work but did. Then I felt sick later in the day. I thought allergies, but no. :( The coughing attack in the hallway at work proved it...

 Wednesday meant I stayed home from work. I got in later in the day with a doctor at the practice I normally go to. I had a 100.4 fever and had to get a chest x-ray because I was really wheezing. I'll be on medication for the next week and-a-half.

 Thursday was my last day home. I got some things done that were sorely needed which wasn't much in the scheme of things.

 I went back to work Friday. Two of my co-workers told me they were glad I went to the doctor, as I was breathing so hard Tuesday that it concerned them. Yikes.

 Saturday meant still being sick, but still putting in a few hours at work. (It was either Saturday overtime or Monday evening overtime. I chose Saturday...) You'd think I'd actually have a life, wouldn't you? :) 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

No grocery shopping!

 It was a week with no Sunday grocery shopping for my parents. I'm sure they didn't ask me to do it because of the uncomfortable conversation we had a few days before. Still though, I'm glad. I need a break.

 I also had to take a drive to clear my head.

 Monday was a good day. Work went along rather smoothly with no bumps in the road. I also found a decent parking spot. Woohoo! I also didn't feel pooped when I got home from work, which is a blessing in itself.

 I bird sat. Yes, I bird sat for my neighbor. I shouldn't admit this, but I forgot about the bird for a night... Oops... :( Don't worry though, Sport the Parakeet is alive and well. :)

 Tuesday also went along smoothly. I seriously felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders after this past weekend. I wasn't tired after work today either.

 I got some test results back from the doctor's appointment last week that made me a little angry and also want to laugh. Of course they were negative, but I still emailed the doctor to ask if he indeed did the test he told me he was going to do.

 Wednesday also went smoothly. My boss had complimented me from the day before that I processed a lot of files.

 Thursday meant more work-and a decision. I'm going to work on getting out and doing more.  The doctor's office also emailed me back. The other results aren't in yet but the doctor will call me when they come in.

 Friday meant El Pollo Loco for lunch at work. I've been liking the salad dressing for the salads there. Lol. (You can tell they come to my work often for Friday lunch. :) ) I also had an interesting time confirming my hair appointment.

 I got my hair did Saturday! I had her do a slightly lighter color than she did last time, which I'm happier with.

 I also ran errands afterwords, which included going to a Christian bookstore to get the final book for my cousin's baby gift. I hadn't been to that specific bookstore in a while, so it was fun to look around and get a book for myself. I also was in desperate need of new foundation and figured I'd try JC Penney's new Sephora section. I love Sephora products and naively thought picking up Sephora foundation there would save me money. Wrong! Talk about a wake up call! 


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Last Week....

Last week was just one of those weeks that you want to just simply go away. Fast.

It was normal, of course. There was work. Then I noticed I had to go to the doctor on Wednesday-a specialist. Thank goodness a nurse found a cancellation and got me in Friday. Without it, I would have been seeing the doctor in October. October! (Thanks Obamacare!)

 The doctor said I have a diagnosis that I remembered getting when I was a child. I won't mention it here since friends and family read this blog. If any of you want to know what's wrong, please message me. Just know it's nothing life threatening.

 This was simply the remembrance of an unpleasant memory. I seriously cried in front of the doctor. He was super kind and sat with me while I cried and cried. It didn't help matters much that I ran into an acquaintance with her daughter as I was leaving. They were at urgent care and we both just didn't want to talk. She later apologized to me, but it was a blessing.

 Thank God I took enough PTO time from work to go to the doctor because I just did not feel like going back there-while feeling as bad as I did. I called my mom to ask her some questions about this diagnosis and got even more concerning answers. She was also super nervous.  I put a call in to my sister who has yet to return it, since she mentions the same things as I do. Reality hits-and it's not pretty.

 This is life though.

 May next week be better....

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The week in a nutshell

 My week, in a nutshell....

 What did I do this past week, you ask? I....

  • Went grocery shopping for my parents and had dinner with them. Did you expect I wouldn't? :) 

Mom's knee is apparently improving and she'll start physical therapy soon. Yaaaay!

  • Worked. This past week had technical problems. They even told folks they could take PTO time one day to go home early since the computer problems were seriously limiting. I said I would stay, which meant a nice tutorial from my boss on some new files I've been working on. I would have taken PTO, but since I just passed my probation, I didn't know how much time I had. My next paycheck should show it. Friday was pretty bad too though. My boss even said to me the day half the office went home that we were entering a slow period. I wonder if a project simply ended and they're looking for new business. It almost makes me wonder if I should start looking for a new job-after being there only three and-a-half months.... :( 

  • Swam. 

  • Got good news that my mammogram came back fine. Yay! :) I'll go back next year for the same funness. The ultrasound also came back fine. I was told once again about my mild endometriosis. It was no shock, but I did ask a question about it. I was curious say if I actually lost weight and got married would this hinder me conceiving. Her nurse called me back and left a message. We'll be playing phone tag Monday....