Friday, December 31, 2010

Let the cleaning commence!

 Three posts in a day! Woot! I think I've hit a new record!

 Since I have no plans this evening, I will spend it cleaning. I always do this the off New Year's that I do not have any plans. I always like the feeling of coming into the new year with a clean home. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

 It gives me a sense of....I dunno......I don't have to look at this c**p laying around anymore?

 Yep, that's it!

How God spoke to me on Christmas Eve (otherwise known as why I'm like the dog..)

 As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe that God was speaking to me during church on Christmas Eve. Not through the message, but through this picture, strangely enough. Here's what happened:

 I have to admit that my mind was wandering in and out while the pastor was speaking (It wasn't the usual head pastor, who knocks my socks off with his preaching style, but another one on staff. It was a good message, but obviously not one that was memorable to me.). This image that I had taken earlier in the evening kept flashing back and forth in my mind.

 This sweet, yet obviously spoiled dog was going through my mind-at church of all places. Why?

 Because I need to be reminded that God holds me like that when I need Him to. God has held me close this past year. Through health scares, through triumphs, through the tragedy of watching a dear friend lose both parents this year, He has held me (and my friend) close to Him. Like a baby in many ways.

 I think He was trying to tell me to surrender at that moment.  To fall at His feet and let Him pick me up and carry me into the next year.

 Like a baby.

 Psalm 37:7-9 tells us, " Surrender yourself to the LORD, and wait patiently for him. Do not be preoccupied with [an evildoer] who succeeds in his way when he carries out his schemes.  Let go of anger, and leave rage behind. Do not be preoccupied. It only leads to evil.  Evildoers will be cut off [from their inheritance], but those who wait with hope for the LORD will inherit the land. "

 Lord, I surrender all to you at this moment. Every single bit of it.  Help me to wait patiently for you and to not be preoccupied with evildoers and other things that do not focus on you. Help me also to let go of anger and to leave unproductive, un Christ-like behavior behind. I want to wait for you, Lord!

 I want to make this my prayer in 2011 and pray you will also. May it be a good year for you in Christ.

New year, new hair :)

Before I went to the salon

And after :)

 My white hairs were just killin' me (Did I emphasize that enough? LOL), and I wanted to take care of them before the new year started. I usually straighten my hair when I go to see the hairdresser, but did curly this time, because I do have naturally curly hair and asked (Due to some, um, not nice comments that my hair resembles her when frizzy.......) what my hair would look like with a perm. The hairdresser told me that since I have naturally curly hair with only some straight parts that I should just use a diffuser, to curl up those parts and take care of the rest. And so, that is what the hairdresser did today. Not bad!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's goals

 Aaaah yes. It's that time of year again. A time to make goals for the new year. A time to dream of perfection in the coming year. ;)

 I have goals for the coming year, and I hope that they are practical and that I stick to them throughout the year. Here they are:

 Realistic goals include:

  • Get Cable TV: Would you believe that I have owned my condo for almost 5 years now and do not have cable TV? What in the world am I missing? ;)
  • Plant flowers in my planter area: I have the brownest thumb of anyone I know. I plant flowers. They die. My life story. I resolve to plant more and that they will live! ;)
  • Repaint my bathroom: My bathroom is a horrific peach color that I need to fix this year. I need to get small paint can samples and test to see what looks good.

Other goals are:

  • Weight loss: Let's not talk about the amount of weight I've gained this year, shall we? I attribute it to a cancer scare, depression about things going on at work, and other factors. I vow to get it off and keep it off.
  • Job security: I really haven't felt secure employment wise for almost 2 1/2 years. I vow to change that this year.
  • Financial: These goals include paying down my credit card, depositing more into my IRA and saivings, and other goals
  • Social: I worked nights for the majority of this year, which really screwed with me socially. I need to socialize more in the coming year and vow to make this happen!
  • and of course......keeping my condo clean: Let's just say I'm going to do this better........
  • Schooling: I started to take classes to get a certificate in Web Design. I will continue with this in the coming year.
 And now, I need to think up small goals to make this all happen.

 So readers, what are your goals for the coming year?

2010...a look back

 It seems hard to believe that this year is already coming to a close. In some ways, I'm glad, as it included some moments I'd rather not repeat again-ever.

 Here is a pictoral recap of the year:

 Me at a really boring NYE party with the host's friendly dog. :)

  holding cute Pommie babies

and breakouts...... (why I even took this picture is beyond me!)

and breakouts clearing up, LOL...

I also saw my friend David due to some sad family circumstances, and this is weirdly the only picture I got when we went to one of the biggest malls in this country-right here in Southern California.

and of course I made stuff

and went to Ikea with Robyn (Yes, this was in Ikea)

after Robyn and I realized we could not get into Farrell's without standing in line 45 minutes....heeeck no!

aaand another headshot! LOL! I was really proud of my weight loss, wasn't I?

Chandra's 40th birthday party

an Easter gift from my friend Rebecca

aaand another headshot! LOL!

a full on shot in my peach bathroom.....Damn I looked good!

and I scrapbooked

and crocheted........

and took a business class online-that I got an A in

and spent 4th of July with family

my Dad turned 75 (let's not mention my weight gain, shall we? :( )

doing stuff with the Mariner's singles group at the Irvine Spectrum

all days are beautiful under God's care.....

and I had a birthday-number 36 (once again, no talk about my weight gain, please...)

It certainly was an eventful year, which included a cancer scare. That included trips up the ying yang to the oncologist's, a biopsy, CT scans where I had to drink a drink filled with Iodine to light me up (yummy......) and other good stuff. On the good side, it included visits from my friends Robyn and David. I no longer work nights anymore either. Yippeee!

 Here's to 2011, and may it hold good fortune!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

And a partridge in a pear tree.....

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Today was simply uneventful. This definitely wasn't Christmas of yesteryear, where the extended family would gather together. It was just me and my parents (and the ever-inquisitive, ever-spoiled doggie princess) at their house. :) In fact, here was her position while we were opening presents:

 I got on the floor and she came right up to me and sat in between my legs.

Then she got tired of that position and sat by the side of me. :) She truly was wondering what in the world we were all doing.

"Do you mind?? We're doing something VERY important here!"
  My mom always tries to make Christmas time very festive, and today was no exception. The house was of course decorated to the hilt, the china was brought out, and the food-ohhh, the food. We were all stuffed!

 Here are the gifts. I would have to say that my dad had the most fun Christmas shopping this year, as my mom's gifts from him primarily came from EBay. :)

 I thought this picture was funny of the dog checking out the unwrapping of the gifts.

And of course, it's raining again here in Southern California! I wouldn't have known that the rain even started in again if the dog wouldn't have barked her head off hearing something in the backyard at my parents house. When I turned on the light in their backyard, I noticed the rain and lamented wearing flip flops (see first above picture...). I guess I am a true Southern Californian to wear flip flops in December! 

 Merry Christmas again, all! Time to start preparing for the new year and getting rid of this break out!

tales of a spoiled dog and other Christmas Eve stories

 No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is a dog.

 A dog being held like a human baby.

 This is  a cute, yet spoiled six-year-old dog that unabashedly played her game this evening upon my arrival at my parents house for Christmas Eve dinner. Since my parents were at church when I arrived, the dog was in her prime-wanting attention to the max.  She ran to the front door. She danced on her hind legs. She bared her teeth as if she was smiling. Imagine it all in unison.

 Yes, it's doggone cute. ;)

 So, I pick her up and love on her while standing. When I go to sit down, she played her game again and fell backwards, knowing good and well that I'd catch her and she'd end up like this-being held like a human baby. And so, I took a picture of it to capture for time and eternity.

 What I can't believe is that it's the only decent picture I've got of Christmas Eve dinner with my parents!

 The others are just bad. My dad would kill me if I were to show the ones of him. I'm also going through a break out that is going to send me to the dermatologist if it doesn't clear up soon. Put it all together and it means that the dog looks the best. ;)

 I had a good Christmas Eve dinner with my parents and went to the 11 PM service at a local church to usher in Christmas. They had a pretty tree decorated out front.

 I believe that God spoke to me during the service,  I will share more of that revelation in a different post.

 Until then, I will end this and get some sleep! Gotta finish making my Christmas gifts in the morning!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas lights overload (and mangers too)

 It may be a little bit of an overload, but I went to see even more Christmas lights this evening, even though it's miserable and rainy outside. A friend of mine told me yesterday how this one housing tract in the neighboring city from me (like 5 minutes away-I'm on the border of these two cities) does December up big time with great Christmas lights, and so, I thought I'd see for myself what they do here. All I can say is WOW.

  Let's start with this house.  Christmas overload is all I can say!!! The garage was decorated to the hilt and the wife of the house was out front selling hot chocolate to passing cars! (I should have gotten a picture of that, but I was too impressed with the decorated garage. ;) )

  "Ring the doorbell and go in for a tour," she told those of us looking at her garage decorated with sparkleballs (Look at the ground......)! How weird is that to see them two days in a row??

 And so, we did. The house was nothing short of amazing. (These people must seriously have to rent a storage facility for all this stuff! It was a lot of stuff.....)

 At least they showed the reason for the season inside the house......
 These Santas were in the middle of train tracks in one room that was solely dedicated to Santas of all makes and sizes. I kid you not...........

  And the kitchen had dancing bears of all kinds. I kid you not. The bears did a nonstop show.......
A family was getting a tour of the house along with me, and the husband asked the man giving the tour how long it took them to decorate the house each year.
"Oh, just a month," he said.
Just a month..........
This was the coolest though. Right before leaving the housing tract, I saw this family reenacting a manger scene. They were so nice and allowed me to take a picture of them! (Sorry about the poor quality. I was lazy and took it from the car since it was raining.) That's soooo cool that this family reenacts the reason for the season!!!
 And so, I think I've had my Christmas lights fix for the season. Even though this was nice (and unique!) to see, the sparkleballs hanging from eucalyptus trees are still my all time favorite.

 Rain or not, I'm glad I got out of the house to see this.

What's a little rain?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

in the Christmas spirit-holiday lights style

                                                         Cool photo stolen off Flickr.............

 The city I live in has one street that does the Christmas holiday up in style. They hang over 400 sparkleballs from giant eucalyptus trees all the way down the street that just shimmer and glisten in the December night sky. Some say it reminds them of a giant "Who-ville." I agree. Any way you look at it though, it's just plain fun to see. The story of these sparkleballs is in the link above.

 I could not for the life of me get a decent picture of this street tonight. My little digital camera did not come through, for the most part, which is why I resorted to stealing someone's photo off Flickr. (Sorry dude..... Great shots though! :) ) This is the only decent photo I got on that festive street.

 It's raining out, hence the reason why there are little flecks in the picture.... Festive street though!

 Christmas lights are sure fun to see!

Friday, December 17, 2010

the handmade Christmas card "saga"-part 2

 So as I was cleaning last night, I came upon these little ditties:


(In case any of you are thinking, "What in the world is a matchbook card?" Look here. )

 And the best part about finding these is that I have roughly 20 of them-with this little saying stamped inside
Best picture I could get..........

And so, all I have to do is address the envelopes and send them on their merry way.

Hallelujah, hallelujah..........

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A handmade Christmas.........

 Today is December 16th.

 And these-these are my Christmas cards.........

 I never buy Christmas cards. Since I am a craftaholic, I always make my cards. I've done this for years and have always had ideas every stinkin' year on what I will do. I even used to get my cards out on December 1st. I used to stamp them, emboss them, color them in. You name it, I probably tried them with my Christmas cards. This year though?

 I'm stuck.

 I have a border up on all 20 of my cards, and that's it.

 And I really need to get them done-by let's say tomorrow.

(I'd like them to actually get out before Christmas. Novel thought, huh? :) )

 So...what say ye? Any ideas for my cards?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


 Welcome! I've decided to move my blog from Wordpress to Blogger, so join me as I do life Blogger style!