Saturday, August 30, 2014

Accomplishments mixed in with some more craptastic stuff

 The week started out nicely but soon turned craptastic again. Craptastic needs to take a trip to nowhere. Read on to see why. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014-I was pleasantly surprised to wake up and see that I was one of the top five most read yesterday for the site I freelance write for. Yay!

 I also spoke to someone regarding a seminar on kids running away that will be held next month at my community library's conference room. The person I spoke with about the conference said the city's runaway statistics are quite skewed. It's apparently due to a children's home in my city. The children are housed there under a contract with Homeland Services (yes, including the illegals coming in now) and tend to bolt after they get services. I put the article up.

 I also had to take pain pills again. Wheeeeee! Lol

Sunday, August 24, 2014-I felt the heat of my unit literally suck me in around 4 a.m. as the whole complex lost power and didn't get it back for a few hours. I went outside to the pool area and attempted to get some prayer time in. And spoke to one of my neighbors checking out the situation.... And told God I was thankful for a lot..... I truly am as I realize and become more aware of things in my life....

Being a candle hoarder comes in handy during situations like this. I couldn't find my flashlight, so I walked around with this.... 

 A major earthquake hit Northern California today, so I called my aunt and uncle up there and had a nice conversation with my aunt. They're fine, and I could tell she appreciated hearing from me.

Monday, August 25, 2014-The pain killers are done. I'm normal again. :)

 I had to take my mom to the retina specialist's today. The doctor made a lot of sense as to why her macular degeneration got worse after her cataract surgery. The cataract was covering things up.

 The office is in a pretty part of Whittier. I love the old homes and buildings on the doctor's street.

 I gathered information for an article today and will finish it tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014-Today was the first time I felt somewhat normal again after surgery. Yaaaay. I still feel sore, but much better.

 I woke up at a decent time to do a phone interview and ended up taking a nap an hour later. Pretty sad!

 I finished an article about a few groups in my city doing backpack drives for poor school children to have school supplies. What parents have to pay for now with school supplies is pretty amazing!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014-I think I had a full on panic attack today. I've always wondered if that's what I have and I think so. I think I'm having them because I have to make a hard decision soon. I know it's time and I'm just avoiding it.

I found a great way to organize my ideas for freelancing articles after reading a daily email. I was keeping my ideas in my day planner before this.

Thursday, August 28, 2014-Today is work in casual clothes day. :) I contacted the police department to do an article about a new advisory council the chief formed. I live in the city that had the Kelly Thomas death, so this was a recommendation from Michael Gennaco who reviews police departments.

 I also put up an article about a local villa turned into a museum. An anniversary celebration is coming up for the villa, and they're having a fun party for it.

 I also went to part two of the focus group I was in. I got paid and got free business cards for my freelancing! A thousand free business cards!!!! Money and free stuff? I'm so there! ;)

Friday, August 29, 2014-It was hotter than hell today!!! I got in the pool this evening for the first time since my surgery.

 And, I got rear-ended today. It became a hit and run. The girl who hit me sped off. I thought I got the whole license plate, but when I went to file a report, I missed one friggin letter. This will be assigned to an investigator and they'll try, but they can't guarantee anything. All because of one. friggin. letter.

 And so ends my week. No panic attacks next week, no accidents and may the power stay on. :) 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Medical stuff and work mixed in.......

 Medical stuff is never fun-especially for me this year. I unfortunately had to have a repeat procedure this past week, which includes some trippy stuff along the way. Work got mixed in with that, which is always interesting. Payday is always good too. :)

 Read on for the fun stuff. Don't laugh either!

Saturday, August 16th-I spent most of the day straightening this place up. It looked terrible!

 There's a foundation in the city I live in that creates the most beautiful hearts to sell at an auction each year. (Don't ask how much they cost. Just don't...) The proceeds benefit arts programs in the local school district. Some of the hearts were on display at an art gallery that's fairly close to me, so I took a look.

 Yes, they were unique-and gorgeous to boot. 

 It was sickeningly hot today. I mean a yucky three digit temp. It was terrible to be outside. I ended up swimming later in the evening and ran into broken shoulder guy again and learned more about his life.

Sunday, August 17, 2014-Sunday dinner with the folks again! We splurged and got take out from Black Angus. That was possibly THE BEST steak sandwich I've ever had. I do mean EVER. I helped my dad with his statement shredding. He gets tired easily due to his congestive heart failure, so when he'd get tired, I'd step in and shred. He also attempted to help me out with the reason for my fix-it ticket-a burnt out break light. He got confused, so part two will happen after my procedure.

 I swam later in the evening because it was still very hot. Some annoying girls were in the pool while swimming and were loud after the pool closed. (my pet peeve) Fortunately they left before I had to go out and  politely tell them to shut up.

Monday, August 18, 2014-I got the lab work done for my procedure. I had a little bit of a wait, but not too bad.

 I did some editing of one of my social media profiles and put my last article up on two social media sites. I also wrote another article about what the next city council meeting will be about.

 I swam again because it was so hot I could melt.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014-Procedure day. Never fun, but has to be done. I got called to come in earlier than planned, which we did, but ended up waiting because the doctor had surgeries back to back. It was a repeat from a procedure six months ago, so it was much easier this time-and the doctor agreed.

 I spent the night with my parents due to anesthesia, so we ordered out again. El Ranchito it was! Always awesome. I had to laugh that my mom's favorite show is Married at First Sight.  She has been telling me for a few weeks how interesting she thinks it is. I never thought I'd see my 76-year-old mom liking a reality show! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014-I woke up early this morning and must have been a little stoned from what they gave me for my procedure. Without getting too TMI, I'll just say that I thought a rat was by me when it was only my bra stuck to my clothes. It's neutral colored. :) I screamed, I climbed something, I woke my mom up. I apologized and she went back to bed. She commented that the drugs were good....

 The brake light got fixed today.  Yippee. :)

 I'm also going to have to face the music about something that's unpleasant and two years old. I won't go into detail.

Thursday, August 21, 2014-I put my last article on social media today. It's interesting to see which mediums work best. Facebook is the top so far. I also gathered info for a new article.

 I also went to a focus group this afternoon. I got paid and got new business cards for my freelancing! Getting paid plus free stuff makes for a great afternoon! :)

Friday, August 22, 2014- The numbing shot the doctor gave me wore off today. :( I took my first pain killer for the procedure...

 I spoke to a city council member about a backpack drive she's holding in a week. There are a few going on in the city I live in, so it's going to become an article. I also looked at the local school board agenda for the meeting next week. Will put the article up tomorrow.

 Fun stuff this week. Can I get my work done next week and not pop any pain pills? Stay tuned! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Craptacular stuff....

 Some crappy stuff happened this week. Robin Williams committed suicide the day I got my fix-it ticket. (brake light out) I was also terribly, terribly sad to learn that a dog I fostered last year was returned to the rescue and euthanized. He was such a good little guy that it saddened me a lot to hear that he was aggressive and a biter. 

 Read on for the rest of my week: 

Saturday, August 9th-I spent the afternoon working on another freelance column about military families getting free access to museums this summer.

 I'm having to teach myself to think about activities for a day before committing to them. I tend to commit too quickly before really thinking if I want to go. I did that this evening, unfortunately. I was supposed to go to the fair and ended up arriving at the park and ride too late to get to the event at the fair. The park and ride is neat. I'll have to remember to use that the next time I want to go to the fair.

 I also swam again.

Sunday, August 10th-I really overslept today. I mean, it was ridiculous. I can blame the once again too hot weather, right? :)

 I met up with a friend and chatted with her for over an hour. It was nice to catch up. It was so freaking hot I had to hydrate!

 I had to swim. It was way too hot. My mommy got me a cover up to wear to the pool. I love it!  Broken shoulder guy also has a first name now. :)

 I also did some cleaning in the kitchen. I found some grocery bags that seriously had to be tossed. I mean had to.

Monday, August 11th-I gathered story ideas today before attending a meeting in the evening about a proposal before the city council to literally build out the city. I'll put the article up tomorrow, along with one about the city council candidates.

 A crappy thing happened today. I got a fix-it ticket. :(

 I was sad to hear of Robin Williams committing suicide today. Depression and bipolar depression are terrible and unfortunately had me thinking about my own episodes of depression. Post to come on that.

Tuesday, August 12th-Boy did I have a terrible time sleeping last night. It was so terrible that I overslept for a doctor's appointment. Fortunately though, they called to reschedule it for Friday.

 Today was jumbled up for me. I think I thought of my own depression issues yesterday and started to recover today.

 I swam and then put up another article about the city's impending city council elections.

Wednesday, August 13th-Today was my once a week job. I need to make some decisions about this shortly.

 I also started in on my reading for another article. Three-hundred pages....

 It was so hot again that I had to swim.

Thursday, August 14th-I spent a lot time reading city materials for the article I'll write tomorrow. Lots of reading!

 I was also sad to learn that one of my fosters, Biscuit, was sent back to the rescue and euthanized. I am terribly sad about that and cried over it. He was such a sweet guy. I wish I could have afforded to adopt him and have him run around on a nice piece of land somewhere. It wasn't the case though. He's happy at the bridge...

 It remained terribly hot today. Can't wait for Fall! I swam again tonight.

Friday, August 15th-I went to my pre-op appointment for a procedure I'll have done Tuesday. That went normally. I love the artwork in this building. They must have spent a fortune. Seriously.

 I then wrote an article about a new plan to supposedly revitalize the not so nice parts of the city I live in. It has major problems though....

 And so, that was my week. I hope you had less crappy stuff happen in yours. Lol

Friday, August 8, 2014

Work is good....

 Work seemed to take up the majority of my time this week (Hence the reason why there are so few pictures). Can't complain about that! I've made a game plan for myself work wise, which I'm going to execute over the next six months. Enjoy my wordy summary this week. :)

Saturday, August 2nd- I've been diligent with keeping up with swimming and notice it has been helping me not gain weight. And now to monitor what I eat to actually lose weight!

 My dad diagnosed my check engine light problem. He may be right that it's a simple problem to fix. (I hope!) Dad helped me vacuum the car, which I appreciated. I stayed there long enough to have dinner with my parents. We ordered sandwiches from Lascari's. So good!

 It actually rained tonight here in Southern California! It's badly needed. It's still humid, but at least it rained!

Sunday, August 3rd-And it's humid today! No rain, but humid. I did get in the pool for a bit.

 I was sad to learn of my pastor being diagnosed with lymphoma. I pray he's healed quickly.

 I'm having to learn when to eat versus when I get a craving. My weight loss plan gave specifics to avoid cravings, which I practiced today.

Monday, August 4th-I had a hard time sleeping due to the humidity and my nap in the afternoon. It continues to be hot today.

 The trash got taken out today. Yaaaay! :)

 I started wearing my glasses to give my contact lens eyes a rest.

Tuesday, August 5th-It seems remarkably cooler today. Yaaaay!

 I went to my once-a-week job today. Payday is always nice. :) We went to Costco and had lunch together. Love the Costco combo! I also covered a city council meeting tonight for my freelance column.

Wednesday, August 6th-I worked on an article today for my freelance column. It dealt with homeless services for the police department. I also cleared up a ton of emails today.

 And I swam. Can't forget that! :)

 Thursday, August 7th-I worked on an article today for my freelance column. I went back and forth, back and forth rewinding the city council meeting video to get accurate quotes. I put it up and will work on another tomorrow.

And I swam!

Friday, August 8th-I worked on another article today for another freelance column. This one is about military families across the country getting free museum admission until Labor Day.

 My dad fixed my car problem-knock on wood! He replaced the spark plugs and the check engine light went off! I'm praying it stays that way! We ordered out Lascari's again for dinner. Still good!

 And the trash got taken out.

 And the pool. Can't forget that! I've already begun thinking about what I'm going to do once it gets to be too cold to swim. I realized that my community area has a gym with a treadmill. Hooray! I can also move my two legs and simply walk around.

 Until next week!

Friday, August 1, 2014

It's hot-and other news of the week :)

 Martha and the Vandellas "Heat Wave" is going through my head now as I think about the weather of this past week. Only using a fan has its disadvantages during weather like this! :(

 The good news is that I made progress on the employment front to pay for more of what I need to get done-which seems to be expensive this week.... (*Insert tears*)

 Saturday, July 26th-It's hot. Again. I think my unit seems to hold in heat. I say this because when I go outside, the weather is decent. My next door neighbor and I were discussing this once and she agreed. It's a blessing in the winter, as we never have to run the heater. It's terrible in the summer though.

 I got in the pool early today. I tend to get in at off times but still manage to chat with neighbors. So far this summer, I've chatted with one neighbor about elderly parents, a couple about buying a new home in a nearby new development and the guy who broke his shoulder and is swimming laps as physical therapy of sorts. Broken shoulder guy (I don't know his name. Lol) and I chat the most.

 Paper organizing is done. I went through the box today! A friend told me yesterday that it seems as if I've been organizing for weeks now. Technically speaking, yes. I've only dedicated 15 minutes a day to this, which is why I sped it up today and got it done.

 I decided to eat my lunch at Hillcrest Park today. This is the oldest park in the city and has a lot of beautiful features, even though it has fallen into disrepair. The city recently voted to start revamping the park in phases, so as to make it affordable. (This park has a few acres...)

See the big line at the center section of the grass? Kids used to love to ice block down this hill and have made several grooves in it. 

Some of the trees in this park have to be about 100 years old.

Pretty stone stairways line this park. 

The park recreation center. The back area is rented out for weddings. I'd love to see what the inside of this old building looks like. 

  I called my friend Brian today just to say hi. I hadn't actually spoken to him in ages-as we mostly have Facebook chats. It was good to reconnect with him.

 And in other news, a friend of mine from college is going to be a GRANDMOTHER! Her daughter just got married a few months ago. I remember her pregnant with said daughter. And here I'd just like to have a baby before I hit menopause...

Sunday, July 27th-I'm no good early in the morning. A friend accidentally dialed me at 1 a.m. when she knocked her phone over. I yelled out her name when I got no answer. The phone then went dead. I said "eh" and went back to bed... It's a good thing she didn't need to go to the hospital or was dying! Lol. She was fine when I texted her around 8 a.m. and laughed that I checked on her seven hours later...

 I swam early this morning and was shocked that it wasn't blazing hot. There's a nice cloud cover now, which surprises me. Lol

 I swear I must have some degree of social anxiety, because I watched church online again. This is a little ridiculous, considering that I think I'm not going to infect the world now. I need to go back next week! I look at it that at least I'm watching church instead of ignoring it.

Yes, it's another pastor at church giving the sermon this week. The head pastor had surgery. 

 Don't give up hope... Let your actions reflect your beliefs... Wise words from the message.

 I had dinner with my parents this evening. We ordered Chinese from a great small little place.  I love how they always know that my dad wants a beer to go-and they allow him to do it! (The bag is sealed like crazy though and they ask me to stick it in the trunk until we get home.)

 I took care of my parents mail this evening when I left their house.

Monday, July 28th-Note to myself: A nap in the afternoon + caffeine too late = terrible insomnia. I wondered if it was anxiety related and don't think so. I ended up getting to bed around 4 a.m. You can only imagine how much fun waking up in the morning was!

 I was sad to have the correct instinct that my once a week boss had to go to the ER again for her congestive heart failure. She's a very nice lady, but as I said before, it's time for a full-time job.

 I went for an ultrasound today. I was glad that nothing abnormal was found! I love the art on the walls at this medical facility.

 I also went to a forum tonight discussing a proposed new city plan. I went to take pictures for my freelance writing Facebook page. Interesting....

Tuesday, July 29th-Aaaand, the trash got taken out! Yaaaay!

  I also got a blessing from a realtor I know through church. We're going to meet this week to discuss me becoming her assistant. Praise God!

 I swam for a little while, made my lunch and went through my cards to organize them better and sell them. I have so many Christmas cards that a friend suggested making batches of 10 and putting them in boxes to sell. A good idea.

Wednesday, July 30th-I went to my once-a-week job today. As I said before, the poor thing ended up in the hospital again, which I think was her own doing because she's so stubborn. She's wonderful to talk to, but I know this won't end well.

 It's hot again today! Why did I decide to wear a black shirt?! :)

 I got hormonal today when my mom did a nice deed for me. I calmed down a few hours later. Geez, hormones....

Thursday, July 31st-I got a Groupon deal for my hair again! This one was $6 more than the last one, but I literally saved 50 percent. Not kidding you! I'll take it! The last hairdresser was good, so I hope this one is good also.

 I had an appointment with the psychiatrist today. I've never had a more genuine doctor who seriously cares about helping me. I'd highly recommend him to anyone. I made some other decisions about switching therapists too after speaking with him.

 I went over to my parents house after my appointment to pick up something. We ordered out Mexican food from El Ranchito. They are so good! I swam dinner off. There was a seriously LOUD group in the jacuzzi while I was swimming. Funny how a few drinks makes you friggin loud! That is the only annoying part of living by the pool is to hear people like that late at night.

Friday, August 1st-I start my training next week for my new part-time job. :) Very happy about that. I'll still have my other part-time job, so this is an improvement.

 It remains hotter than hot today. It's good to have a pool-and I immersed myself in it today for a long while.
C'mon Fall!

 Aaaaaaand I have car trouble! I absolutely need to start looking for a new car when I save up some money. I'm a little afraid of how much this will cost, as the check engine light is on. Ick....

 I have too much fun. :)