Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random spots of beauty

 A random spot of beauty in Southern California amongst a heap of buildings. It's nice to see. (I know it looks blurry on the page, so click on the picture to see true beauty.) 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monkey Business Cafe with friends

 My friend Chris invited me out last Friday with some of her other friends for a couple of reasons. She first of all wanted us to meet her boyfriend and also see the play her 16-year-old daughter was a part of with the Arts Academy she's in.

 We met at Monkey Business Cafe, which is obviously a cafe but also a non-profit. They employ kids just out of foster homes to teach them employment skills. I had never eaten there before and was surprised how huge the dishes were. I got the least expensive (and smallest) meal I could, which was good. I also appreciated eating at a place that provides a good service to foster kids. 'Scuse my awesome picture taking skills! Of course I didn't take a photo of the group but took it of my food. :)

 We all then went and saw the play her daughter was a part of with her high school magnet program. The play was at Plummer Auditorium, a beautiful old auditorium that's a pleasure to see a play in.

 All in all, a fun evening!

Friday, March 22, 2013

This week's happenings, bunny style

 What a beautiful week it is out here in Southern California! Spring has truly arrived and it looks great out here. The bunny has even made its presence here in my home! :)

 I've gotten to thinking about my life in general. I'm tired of being alone. I'm tired of being boring. Does this mean possibly joining EHarmony once I lose weight? Yes. (After all, I now know 3 couples who met through that site.) Does it also mean just going for it with some things? Yes. What that is remains to be seen.

 On a happier note, it's almost Easter! I like this season. It's filled with hope-and jelly beans. :) There's an adult Easter egg hunt going on in the city I live in also that I was asked to take part in. There were 2 egg hunts in town last year and I hope both places do it again. The shaved ice place sure provided a good service last year with that hunt. :)

 And for those of you wondering, I haven't left off with my Spring cleaning. Its hit my kitchen. :) 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The uncertainty of life

 I've got to admit that I'm pretty lucky with my lot for neighbors. I have an end condo, and my neighbors are all great. That's why I was selfishly sad when my next door neighbor told me about her recent cancer diagnosis. It's uterine cancer. She had a hysterectomy this past Monday.

  Her brother just informed me today that it has spread to her stomache and colon. The surgeon removed a portion of her colon, so she now has a bag. She was in ICU this past week and will probably be in the hospital another week, he says. Sigh...

 I'm sad for her because she is a good person and a good neighbor. I'm sad for her because this will be her second bout with cancer.  And yes, selfishly, I don't want her to have to move if (heaven forbid) it comes to that.

 Nothing in this life is certain. We aren't promised a human existence that is pain free or suffering free. We are promised an eternity though of perfection if we come to know the Lord. I know my neighbor knows the Lord, so that's not an issue.

 I guess nothing in this life is certain. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pretty flowers 'round these parts...

 I love Spring. It's such a beautiful time of year. Color springs forth on the earth. There is growth. There is sunny weather. There is life.

 One of the things I always love about Spring is the blossoming of literally wild flowers-flowers that aren't planted, but literally grow wild on the side of the road. I've noticed that they're becoming less prevalent with each passing year out here in Southern California due to ever present building and fire concerns. It makes me sad that natural beauty is mowed down more and more each year. For valid reasons, of course, but still! I love flowers!

 That's why it makes me happy to see small bits of growth anywhere I can, including a small patch of dirt by me that grow these beauties each Spring. Are these flowers blue bonnets? They're so pretty!

 What random things make you happy? 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Biblically handling a situation

 Since I'm pretty vague about my last name and other items here on Facebook, I thought I'd talk about a family situation that I encountered today and how I'm trying to handle it biblically.

 My mom called me this afternoon while I was out running errands and asked if I'd call her back. I did and she let me know that a family member called and felt that one of my Facebook statuses may turn a potential employer off. I don't mind hearing this information and would have listened if she told me herself. (For the record though, my Facebook statuses are only visible to friends. I also custom filter statuses as needed.) I informed my mom that in the future, that anything this relative wanted to say about me she could tell me herself. My mom agreed.

 Unfortunately, this isn't an uncommon situation with said relative. I've heard at least 3 times before how she has gone to at least 2 different relatives to talk about something I have done. I confronted her about it the first time many years ago after I heard lies she told a family member. She was shocked and apologized, but it has happened again and again. I hate triangulation. I'm personally sick of her doing this.

 What shocks me is that said relative is a deacon in her church. Matthew 18: 15-17 discusses proper communication. "...Go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over." I would have listened if she personally told me and actually did see her point.

 I can't stop said relative though. I can tell her though that I'm perfectly capable of hearing constructive criticism myself and not needing it filtered through my mom. Which is what I did via email since I couldn't find her phone number. I had a friend read it before I sent it. I re-read it to make sure it was written by adult me. It was. I sent it and haven't heard back yet. I told said relative that in the future, if the matter involves me, please tell me directly and not anyone else. I don't think that's such a hard thing to ask. Is it?

 I can't control anyone else. I can tell them though that I'm too old to bother with second hand chatter. That's healthy, and I also believe biblical. I also understand that I need to be careful with what I post on Facebook.

 Family should be able to talk to me about it though.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring cleaning

 Every so often I go through a cleaning spell and clean my place from top to bottom. When I do it, it feels as if I'm allowing God's positive grace to enter my soul. I must have heard from God this past week, so lemme show you what I've cleaned. :)

 The car: 

 A doctor told me once that when he ran an ADHD support group that he knew he was in the right spot by looking at the cars in the parking lot, which were piled full of crud. :)

 I must be in that category, because I literally emptied this car out. Granted, it needs a thorough vacuuming, but the back seat and the trunk are empty, dang it!

The garage: 

 This was simply one wall that needed some TLC. It wasn't nearly as bad as the car but needed to be handled. Stuff needed to be tossed. Other stuff needed to be put in my place. Other stuff needed to be put in the garage. And now, it looks so nice!

 The after photo. The bags will leave the garage April 6th for a local benefit. The portable table and pop up tent will stay. :)

 Tomorrow will be patio sweeping and straightening and putting away all the fun stuff I found in the garage. And then, it's on to the house. :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Church conference

 My church had their annual conference this past weekend. This is my first one since I've only been a member less than a year. I was impressed with how well they organized it-including the decor and overall ambiance. The labs (classes with practical applications) they held were even good. This was something else to get used to, as I've never been to a church that held an annual conference!

 The staff created a nice outdoor lounge area for in between sessions and also for after the conference was over each evening. These pictures don't do it justice.

                                         The decor in the lobby.

                             Flowers on the lounge area tables. The attention to detail was amazing. 

 I was also very impressed what they did with the kids during the conference. They planned out activities with them that kept them incredibly busy-including time on this obstacle course!

 I also really enjoyed the final speaker-Dr. Jim Reeve of Faith Community Church. I've heard a lot of great reviews about his church and him in general and think he was great to end the conference. I look forward to attending next year's conference after being a part of this one! 

Tulip love

 A local house in my city blooms the most GORGEOUS tulips each Spring. The owner is a retired high school Biology teacher who breeds the bulbs, which turn out HUGE! I've never seen tulips this big in all my life! It's a tradition in the city for this house to grow them and visitors always stop and take pictures-like me. :)  I'm already looking forward to next year's bumper crop.

(Please excuse the blurriness of some of these pictures. I was looking pretty cruddy when I took these, so I didn't get out of the car and used the camera's zoom lense. Obviously I didn't have a steady hand when I used it!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bowers n' realizations

I love sunny weeks, which this one out in So Cal was.

I decided to start off the week seeing an exhibit at the Bowers Museum. This museum had a cool exhibit of outfits used in movies, which were awesome. I love to stare at wonderful architecture and awesome exhibits, which the outfits were.

 The photos are seriously out of order, but you can see that it was awesome to look at. I especially loved the older courtyard of Bowers, where all the awesome outdoor pictures came from.

 I also made a realization this past week that I needed to do something drastic. I needed to seriously cut back on all caffeine consumption. COLD TURKEY. (Insert screams :) ) I did well for 4 days, then gave into temptation yesterday and had a Sprite. Back at it again. :)

 And on the job hunt front, I have a phone interview for Monday. I got one rejection this past week, so I'll keep going. I need one job though. One job with decent benefits. That's all I ask. :) I know that God will provide it for me.

 My church's conference started yesterday. I really love my church and am excited to attend the rest of it this coming weekend.

 Finally, I just wanted to say that I'm tired of simply doing weekly updates, so I'll be going back to regular entries starting this next week.