Sunday, July 31, 2011

And now.......July

Wow, July is already over.......

 Time is really flying this year, and I am glad that I'm recording it for posterity. I kinda sucked this month though at posterity recording. :)

 I got my hair did, as is evident above. :)

 Of course there was article writing. One thing I like about doing freelance writing is meeting interesting people and doing interesting things. This month was no exception. A couple of things I did this month for my article writing include going to a restaurant that gave free food away to the community and covering a major event in my city. A major event also happened in my city with the police department that I'm going to do some in-depth articles on. I've been formulating this month on how I will approach my topic.

 My nice neighbor is a reporter at the major paper in the area, and he was sweet enough to recommend me to his editor. He told me to e-mail her this past month and ask about freelancing for the paper. I did and she gave me an article to do. The article got turned in and then I had an incident with my camera and the photos for the article are no more. I could have cried. I sucked it up once I realized my mistake and e-mailed the editor and got a curt response. I guess that opportunity is no more.........

 I've also been wondering this month if I need to switch job paths and take a different path with a similar route. Someone who I did an article for this month wants to meet with me today to give me some constructive advice. I'll take it because I need to start moving here and make some more money!

 I felt the pangs of not being a mom this month when my uncle wanted me to play mom taxi service for my 14-year-old cousin. Let's just say she's 14 and leave it at that......

 I went to Bolsa Chica beach this month for my friend Chris's daughter's 15th birthday. My friend has always invited the world to her daughter's birthdays, which is fun.

 And finally, I got some validation this month with something I've been fighting for awhile. It feels good, but it'll still be a fight.

 On to August!

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