Monday, May 2, 2011

Wow. He's dead.......

 Like the rest of the world, I heard the news last night.

 Osama Bin Laden is really dead. Wow.

 It seems hard to believe that it has almost been 10 years since 9-11. Like the rest of the adult world, I remember that day well. I was getting ready for work, and my dad's friend called around 6:30 AM. (I lived with my parents then.) He asked if my dad was awake and I told him to hang on a minute. He was eating breakfast, with the TV on but the sound off (He's hard of hearing. If the sound were on, we would have known by that time.). He rolled his eyes and asked me to lie for him and say he was asleep, not believing that his fellow retired friend would call him so early. Being the good daughter that I am ;), I did, and his friend screamed, "WELL WAKE HIM UP!" He told me what happened, and I was shocked. From that conversation, I seriously thought that the Pentagon had been bombed, and that's exactly what I screamed when I got off the phone with him a second later.


 Of course, the TV was on, so the sound got turned up as we saw the devastation. Laura Bush was on TV by then and looked scared out of her mind as she addressed the nation while her husband got flown around the country. We soon learned that the Pentagon wasn't bombed, but simply had a plane flown into it. (Just as bad......)

 "Wow," my dad said. "I've now been around long enough to witness Pearl Harbor, and now this. Kim, this is another Pearl Harbor."

 I got going to work a little while later, and of course every radio station that I could turn to in the car covered what was happening. No music, just news. I was sitting on the 57 freeway when the second tower went down. My jaw dropped as I moved along in rush hour traffic. When I got to work, my office mate and I just shook our heads as we went about our day. She had a sister who lived right by the Twin Towers and was debating calling her on the company phones even though she knew she shouldn't. I told her that I thought the boss wouldn't mind in this situation. She went ahead, and her sister was fine, but her husband was at work and his company sent people to work in the Twin Towers. She for some reason couldn't get a hold of him. Would she call? She did. He was fine, but sadly enough, they did send someone to Twin Towers that day and did not know if he was alive or dead. We got back to work, and we all crowded around the TV during our breaks. One of the supervisors actually wanted to send people home that day to crouch and hide. We didn't do anything related to national security, so I personally thought that was nuts. We stayed the whole day. During my lunch break, I bought a special copy of The Register, the area's major newspaper.

 I checked my e-mail that day and was wondering if my church was going to do a special prayer service that day, as many churches were doing. No, but they sent an e-mail out telling us that another church in the area was, and gave the times. I personally thought that it was a safety risk to go, which now looking back, I can see was nuts. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is safety. I can't think of a better place to go out, either!

 I got home that day, and of course was glued to the TV, as were my parents. The week went along, and I ended up going out with a friend for her birthday that weekend. We were near an outdoor mall, which had a candlelight vigil going.

 I was shocked when I went to church Sunday and the assistant pastor (who was from England) gave the message, and actually said that we as Americans were too worried about ourselves! What?? I walked out because of this and sent an e-mail the next day. Did you really say that? Yes, he did. He actually e-mailed me the text of his message, and there it was-in black and white. He was shocked that I was upset over his remarks. After all, there was an American flag up front and we sang God Bless America. Oh, and the head pastor even bawled hysterically before the assistant pastor gave his message. What was wrong? Needless to say, I never went back to this church again. This church has shrunk so much since then and has gone through three meeting places and many pastoral changes. It's really quite sad.

 This country is not the same since that day. Heck, just look at our airlines as an example of that. I remember flying to Memphis a year and-a-half later, and my eyes nearly bulged out of my head when I heard the pilot come on the intercom welcoming everyone. I believe the pilot's name was Habib. Needless to say though, I got there in one piece since I'm writing you today. :)

 A friend of mine posted an interesting take today of last night's news on FB today. She quoted Proverbs 21:15 today and said we should rejoice instead in justice prevailing, not the death. Honestly, I'm happy myself about justice prevailing. I personally thought we should have taken him alive and made him suffer, just as the people did ten years ago. That probably wasn't possible though.

 God bless this awesome country, and may she continuously stay safe from evildoers.

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