Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recapping April

I am so glad that I am doing these updates! They really help me pause and reflect on the month that has passed.

 I was still doing my freelancing this month and did some nice articles, which included the YWCA helping low-income girls get prom dresses for free. My major story for the month was reporting on that poor woman Marilyn Davenport, who had a prayer vigil at her house-unbeknownst to her. That situation alone should teach everyone to be careful what e-mail you send others.

 I unfortunately got into it with a family member this month that was downright cruel. This is no shock, unfortunately, and I hate to say it, but I am done with them. A second family member also mentioned that she agreed with the first family member, but I can't be done with that person. I can limit my time with them though. And what was this all over, you wonder? A skin issue I'm having that I am going to see the dermatologist for Tuesday. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

 I had some fun this month, which included participating in an adult easter egg hunt! A Web site in the city I live in held that, and it was awesome. They hid plastic easter eggs all over the city, and I found two and-a-half. (I say half because these nice women found the last one when I was in the same spot and took half of the prize and gave me the other half, which were passes to the local museum. Nice!) The other two (that I did find, LOL) were gift certificates to the local gelato shop and one to a local gourmet food truck.

 I also had my last three wisdom teeth taken out. Fuuun stuff. That knocked me out for a good few days. I now have to inject the sites with a syringe to prevent dry socket. I hear that is no fun, so I'll do whatever I can to avoid that!

 And finally, I decided to get back to losing weight again. I don't even want to get into how much weight I've gained over the past year! I had been thinking about Weight Watchers and was hesitant, because I think I need more than that. This program had helped me lose 86 pounds (I laughed though about the prestigious medical centers hoopla listed on the Web site. The first place I went to for this program is just a part of the local medical group that is part of the hospital in my city. The second place, which is in the opposite end of the county, is connected to a medical school, so okay....), and they just sent out a letter in the area saying that they are starting a restart weight loss class again in a few weeks. I called a few days ago and am going to meet with the dietitian running the class tomorrow.

 Here's to health in May!

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