Friday, May 4, 2012

April recap

 April is what I'd like to refer to as the doctor/test month. I found my breast issue and had 4 medical appointments about this. Fun stuff! The breast surgeon wanted to assure me that this is probably not cancerous, even though eventually I will need a biopsy.

 I also saw an old friend this month. I mean old friend. I hadn't seen Jennifer in 24 years before she ventured up my direction one day. It was nice to see her and chat with her.

 I also participated more in community events. I hid a few eggs for a community adult Easter egg hunt. I had one egg that I hid being searched for a few hours. Dang! That's pretty good! :)

 I also dogsat a cute Boxer. Junie was a funny dog who loved walks and would do a funny thing to get her tummy rubbed-she'd play dead! She was funny to watch, as she was the most lax dog ever.

 Here's to the sun shining in April and light coming in where darkness stood for a time.

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