Thursday, April 19, 2012

medical stuff-sigh......

 Ahhhh, medical stuff. The fun parts of life.

 I'm 37 and had an ultrasound done Tuesday for possible breast cancer. Did I mention I'm 37?

 I noticed discharge last weekend and called my gynecologist's office Monday. They got me in to the first available doctor the next day.

 "I'm going to admit that I don't like hearing what you're telling me," the doctor said as he told me to lay down to examine me.

 He felt nothing concerning though, he said, but still referred me to the breast center at the hospital by me for an ultrasound and also referred me to a breast surgeon. He said the problem could be benign but wasn't sure. I did ask him why no mammogram, and he said he felt no need, that the ultrasound was fine. If the breast surgeon wants me to have one, so be it.

 I got the ultrasound done and had a chatty, know-it-all tech who showed me everything she found. She found a lot in my ducts and even showed me my cysts! (FYI-the doctor mentioned this when he examined me and wasn't concerned) Yeah, we're not helping me be less anxious.... Honestly though, I did see her clicking away on the ultrasound and knew she was getting a lot of photos, so I figure it's better to ask than not. It could be a benign issue or not. Not sure.

 I about died when I made the appointment with the breast surgeon when I heard that the first available appointment was May 11th.

 "But what if I'm dying?" I told the woman.

 "Oh, your referring doctor will call you then."

 (Did she really just say that? lol)

 She looked again and got me in April 30th. I did call yesterday and asked if I could possibly get a sooner appointment, to which I was told nothing was open. I'll get a call though if there is an opening though.

 I had a cancer scare 2 years ago, which also ironically began in April and took almost a month to determine that it wasn't anything serious. I found a lump on my back which started a frenzy of doctors thinking I had Stage 4 cancer when it wasn't. I pray that this also isn't serious.

 And so, the countdown begins until I see the breast surgeon. I hope to keep my anxiety in check.

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