Saturday, July 6, 2013

sadness and realizations

 To start things off, here's a cute picture of Biscuit. He's wearing a Thunder Shirt to see if he'll whine less when I leave the house. I'm happy to say that it helps, but not entirely. My next door neighbor was telling me that she hears him. She has uterine cancer, so I know that a whining dog doesn't help much when you're going through chemo. She's being nice now, but I know that his whining needs to stop soon or she won't be so nice much longer. Honestly, a sad realization came to me yesterday though when I took him to my parents house. He needs a yard to run around in. He was in heaven in their backyard and did not stop running. (He looks so cute when he runs!) I hate to say it, but I think the rescue may need to put him in a different foster home before much longer. It's not fair to the dog to be here. He's too big and enjoys open space. Granted, I do walk him 3 times a day, but he should enjoy being outdoors.  He has also snapped at me twice. No biting, but he has snapped. It's sad to say because he is a good boy, but I think the rescue may need to re-home him unless his whining gets better shortly.

 Other sadness is going on around me. Realizations about things in my life occurred last week after I got into an argument with someone. Friends are going through sadness also. It's just an odd time for my circle of life.

 So anyway, that's my update for the week. Sad but true....

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