Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm b-a-a-ck....

 Hello again! Its been awhile and so thought it was time to come back and actually update this thing!

 Where do I begin? Well, for starters I have no more foster doggies. Biscuit got adopted by a nice couple.

 See how much he liked them?! I hear he's doing well.

 Then I got Rosco-the deafening howler.

Don't let that angel cuddle fool you. He had lungs!

 Rosco was very active. I couldn't concentrate as I worked. Yes, he was a good boy, but he really needed to be in the middle of nowhere running free. He finally got loose one evening while I was out on a date (Yes, I've been known to do that on occasion! Don't fall over in shock!), which was my final straw. It pained me to do so, but I could no longer foster a dog that I couldn't guarantee I could keep inside while I was gone. I'm now volunteering to walk the dogs in boarding for the rescue so I can still keep the exercise up without having a howling dog annoying my neighbors. 

I had some major car trouble also-my transmission. :( The dealership couldn't get it right the first time, so I had 2 different rental cars. I had to laugh when I had a mini van for my second rental. For just me. A single person! 

Leather seats! 

 I also found out an old friend is having a baby, which is exciting to single, childless me. It's sort of like becoming an aunt, which I know will never happen to me unless I get married. 

And so, that's my month in a nutshell. Hope October's a bit more exciting.

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